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Food trends 2020.

Food Halls, "Food wrapped in food", mascarpone cheese tea and local produce are some of the food trends that are predicted to be big in 2020. Join us for a review of the Food & Friends trend report on food, drink and meals.

Food Halls.

The concept of food halls involves several different restaurants in the same space. This is not new, but unlike previous versions, the quality of both food, drink and china is higher.

Asian Cuisine.

Asian cuisine is predicted to become hot in 2020. Japanese curry, bings (pancake that can be both crispy and soft), Filipino cuisine, Taiwanese cheese tea (sweetened green tea with mascarpone cheese) and steamed rice rolls are worth to keep your eye on.

Eating on the go.

The trend of eating on the go persists. Food that is rolled or "food wrapped in food" is something that is on the rise. It often requires no packaging, only a napkin, which is also an advantage from an environmental point of view.


Social responsibility.

Restaurants are also expected to take social responsibility. Within the restaurant world, there are examples of activities that help refugees into society and the homeless away from the street.

Local produce.

Demand for organic food seems to be leveling out, in favor of the local. A next step would even be that restaurants buy their own farms to get their produce exactly as they want them. Choosing locally grown produce also means dismissing food that are not grown nearby. This, in turn, means that one must be inventive in finding substitutes. For example, what would you use to replace the acid from citrus fruits?

New vegetables.

We are looking for variety among our vegetables, not least because of our reduced meat consumption. Cassava, Japanese sweet potato, jicama, celtuce and seagrass are vegetables that are predicted to become hot.


The mushroom will become a suitable substitute for meat when we switch to a greener eating.

Nuts and seeds.

According to the EAT Lancet report, we should five-double our consumption of nuts by 2050, which means that we will look at nuts as something more than just a snack.

Invasive species.

Invasive species usually have no natural enemies. You can therefore do good with your eating by choosing invasive species. One example is the "Eat Lionfish" campaign in the United States.

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