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Time for a tastier cup of coffee.

Swedes drink among the highest amount of coffee in the world. Today it exist a large variety of flavours and coffee-drinks. Learn what we have to offer and get to know more about our different labels, how you maximize the taste of your coffee, which cup that is suitable to what drink and coffee trends for 2018.

Kaffe med broccoli.

Trend eller ej? Ett kaffefenomen som kommit på senare år inom kaffevärlden är något så otippat som broccolikaffe, där broccolipulver blandas i det färdiga kaffet. Broccolipulver har tagits fram av australiensiska forskare i syfte att få fler att få i sig tillräckligt med grönsaker varje dag och pulvret tillsätts enkelt i drycker och maträtter. Anledningen till uppkomsten av broccolipulvret är att australiensare inte får i sig tillräckligt med grönsaker. Något som alltså kan avhjälpas med att tillsätta broccolipulver i kaffet. Om det är lika gott som nyttigt råder det tydligen oenigheter kring och om det blir något som slår stort världen över får vi avvakta och se.

The hottest trend is cold.

Two trends can be spotted in the world of coffee. One of the trends involve cold coffee, where coldbrew and nitro coffee is the most popular. Coldbrew means that cold water drips down through a container with grounded coffee. When the water has passed the coffee it then passes to a spiral of glass. The process can take several hours. To get nitro coffee, carbonic acid and nitrogen is added to cold coffee. The result is a coffee that is beer-looking with a creamy foam on the top.

The other large trend is an increased focus on environmental labels, as it is important to show the consumer that you live up to certain standards and that the coffee is produced under good working conditions.

Zero waste.

Att ta tillvara på allt är verkligen trendigt. I kaffets fall gäller det, som så mycket annat, att ta vara på alla delar och restprodukter som annars slängs. Här kan det bland annat handla om kaffekoppar tillverkade av bönans innerskal och kroppsskrubb av kaffesumpen.


  • 1 del kaffesump
  • 1 del socker
  • ½ del kokosolja

Blanda ingredienserna till en tjock pasta. Är oljan hård kan den smältas lite först. Den bör dock inte vara för varm när sockret blandas i. Scruben kan användas över hela kroppen för återfuktning och lätt peeling.


Our assortment.

In our assortment you will find several different types of coffee as well as machines and grinders that will help you to brew and grind your coffee in just the right way.



By graining your own coffee beans you can maximize the taste and aroma of your coffee. We offer a large assortment of beans with different tastes. Perfect for a smaller machine as well as a larger one for the big office.

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Pre-ground coffee.

With pre-ground coffee you don’t need to spend any time on grinding the beans yourself. It is important to store your coffee properly so tastes and aromas don’t disappear before usage. Perfect for a smaller machine as well as a larger one for the big office.

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Coffee pods.

Coffee pods are a simple way of brewing single cups of coffee and is an easy way to keep the machine clean. Perfect for a home office or a smaller office space. In our assortment you find pods from well-known brands and in several different flavours.

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Instant coffee.

Instant coffee is a great option if you don’t want to invest in a machine, all you need is some hot water and a spoon. Our instant coffee comes in different flavours and smart refill-packaging.

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For the coffee to develop its maximum flavours optimal heat is needed in the brewing-process as well as afterwards when the coffee is kept warm. In our assortment you will find a large range of well-known brands. We offer both traditional coffee machines as well as coffee machines for pods.

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With our coffee grinders you easily grind your beans to the right size, so it fits your taste and machines.

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In our assortment you will find cups in different designs. Matching porcelain is also available.

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Our mugs are available with and without an ear and in several different styles.

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We offer glasses in several different sizes and models. Suits everything from a large café au lait to a small espresso.

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