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Back Home Inspiration Spyce - the robot restaurant

Spyce - the robot restaurant.

Did you know that there is a robot restaurant in Boston, USA? It’s called Spyce and it opened in 2018 by four passionate, technology students. The students experienced a shortage in the restaurant industry and seized the opportunity while succeeding in a recruiting a star chef who would play a major role in their idea going forward.

Bildkälla: www.spyce.com
Bildkälla: www.spyce.com

On a busy street in Boston, USA, lays the modern restaurant called Spyce. What’s so special about it, you might wonder? It’s the world’s first restaurant that cooks it’s food by using a robotic kitchen.

The idea comes from four, robotically obsessed technology students who were tired of spending their money on expensive and unhealthy lunches with their student budgets. With a passion for robotics, they dreamed of a robot that cooked delicious and nutritious meals.

Two years later, they open their first restaurant where the food is cooked by robots during a three-minute wait, at a good price and with carefully selected ingredients - perfect for people who are students, have a time-pressed schedule or who are simply delighted with healthy food.

Bildkälla: www.spyce.com

The engineering students call themselves “The Spyce Boys” and behind them they have the world-famous Michelin restaurateur, Daniel Boulud, as an investor and culinary manager.

So far, nobody has seen anything like it in Sweden, but who knows? Maybe in a few years.

Spyce has closed for renovations but will open soon with a development of the concept. Read more about what they do here: www.spyce.com

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