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Smartmate: Digital HACCP

Carrying out your HACCP should be easy - on all levels. When everything is tailored to your business and everything you need is in a user-friendly app, the work becomes easier to perform and keep track of over time. In your To-do list, you get a quick overview of what needs to be done and you can easily tick them off during the work.

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Tailormade with SmartMate™.

Right focus on the right things is of great importance when you want to save time. In the SmartMate app, you get a HACCP program that is tailored completely to the needs of your business. It allows you to feel confident that you are doing what you are supposed to, when you are supposed to, while managing everything in the app. Digital, mobile and efficient. Your smart friend when it comes to food handling!

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A tailor-made program

We tailor your HACCP program completely to the needs of your business. So that you can focus on the right things and feel confident that laws and regulations are complied with.

Create your own tasks

In the app, you can easily create your own tasks, which allows you to follow up your work even more effectively.

Less paperwork

When everything is done in the app, you avoid time-consuming paperwork and administration.

All tasks in the app

In the SmartMate app, you get a quick overview of which steps are to be performed and easily check the tasks when they are done.

Secure cloud storage

Your completed checkpoints and documentation are stored for 2 years in the cloud and are available if you want to follow up and get statistics over time.

Automatic retrieval of temperatures

Join our temperature service, and temperatures will be retrieved from your refrigerators and freezers automatically in the app.

Clear "To Do" list

In the app, there will be no ambiguity about what to do.

You can clearly see which tasks are to be carried out and where they are to be carried out.

It is a security to always know what you need to do and and when you need to do it.

Add new tasks

You can create your own tasks directly in the app.

Choose what type of task is to be performed and how it is to be registered - if the task is performed by entering information in a text field or if the task is to be checked off through a checklist.

Communicate with colleagues

With the user-friendliness that SmartMate offers, you get HACCP that is easy for everyone to use and you can easily communicate with your colleagues in the app.

With SmartMate ™ you always have a friend who helps you keep track of your business.


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