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Lay the table with beautiful china that creates a nice atmosphere for your guests. We offer different series of china that easily can be paired with glasses, cutlery, napkins and tablecloths to create a beautiful table setting. Our assortment of china includes, plates, bowls, coffee cups, saucers, mugs, gravy-boat and much more. Contact your salesperson or our customer support if you need more information regarding our china.


Buying guide: Chinaware.

In our range you will find several different types of china like hard-paste porcelain, bone china and stoneware. But what are the differences and benefits of the different materials? Below we will review some different facts about the various porcelain materials so that you get more information about the type that suits your business best.



Hard-paste porcelain is the most common type of china and is characterized by its resistance to both bumps and food stains. The material is burned at high temperature, about 1400 °C, which makes the material tight and durable. Hard-paste porcelain are usually white in color due to the high burning temperature. The composition of the material gives the surface a glassy impression.

Hard-paste porcelain can be used for heating in microwaves, if it is not decorated with any kind of metal. It can be washed in the dishwasher. Hard-paste porcelain cant be used in ovens.

Examples of series in porcelain are: Cupid, Eros, Hercules, Maria Teresa, Pegasus and Quadro.



Ben china is a material that in addition to the classic ingredients, also contains at least 25% bone ash. Bench porcelain is white in color and burns at 1200 ° C. The material is characterized by a strength that makes it possible to manufacture thin and exclusive shapes without losing its durability.

Examples of bone china series are: Letho, Victoria and Zeus.



Stoneware is technically not china because it is not made of the subject of koalinite. Stoneware consists of clay and quartz that burns in high temperatures and becomes very tight and durable. Products made of stoneware are usually oven-proof due to the high temperatures in manufacturing. The appearance of the material is characterized by a rustic feeling. Stoneware can be used in the microwave and dishwasher.

Examples of stoneware dishes are: Fortuna and Minerva.


Matrester som blir kvar efter en måltid kan enkelt missfärga känsliga detaljer. Speciellt känsligt är porslin för maträtter med starka syror som exempelvis äpple och citron. Därför är det viktigt att försöka diska porslinet efter användning. Om du inte kan diska direkt så rekommenderas att du sköljer av matresterna ifrån porslinet. 


Genom att blötlägga ditt porslin i en halvtimma släpper fastbränd smuts enkelare. Då slipper du använda skurmedel eller stålull som lätt repar glasyren vilket kan göra att porslinet blir matt.


De flesta porslinsserviser kan diskas i diskmaskin. Vill du behålla dem i gott skick länge bör du använda sköljmedel eller spolglansmedel. Det minskar friktionen och du undviker fula repor på dina tallrikar när du staplar dem på varandra.

Har du guld detaljer på ditt porslin så rekommenderar vi handdisk.


Avlägsna den grå beläggningen som kan uppstå på ditt porslin genom att använda askorbinsyra, citronsyra eller liknande. Orsaken till beläggningen är ofta karbonater i vattnet som kan torka fast på porslinsytan och vara svåra att diska bort.


De flesta porslinserier tål att värmas upp i mikrovågsugn. Dock ska du aldrig värma ditt porslin i mikronvågsugnen om det är dekorerat med någon form av metall. Metallen i porslinet kan börja spraka och blixtra i mikronvågsugnen.


Professional dishservice.

We have long experience in delivering dishservice to restaurants, hotels and companies. We install and get you started, ensuring that everything works in the best possible way. You can expect to get the right dosage, the best dish result, service control and Eco-friendly products. Learn more about how we can facilitate your working day.

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