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Takaisin Etusivulle Food & Pest Control

Food & Pest Control.

Our trained hygiene and pest inspectors have the competence to take an overall responsibility of your business so it meets the requirements of the authorities and industry standards. We offer two programs and customize a package that suits your needs.

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In industries like restaurants, hotels and grocery stores where food handling is part of the daily work, it is important that the business maintains a good hygiene. It can be difficult to detect shortcomings in your business when it comes to food safety and pest control. Tingstad can offer you support in this area. Our experienced food and pest technicians can carry out a hygiene inspection of your business and provide you with concrete tips and advice how your business can comply with government requirements and industry standards. We offer two programs that can be tailored to your needs.

Our Food safety program is uniquely designed for large kitchens, restaurants and grocery stores. Operations in these industries are expected to comply with legal requirements and guidelines regarding food safety and hygiene. We conduct hygiene inspections and inform you about possible shortcomings, we develop action plans, follow up and assist you in documenting what the authorities require for good food hygiene.

Our Pest Control program is designed to provide you with long-term and worry-free results. Our pest technicians have the knowledge required to give you practical advice on what can be improved in your business to keep your pests away.


telefon.jpg  Call 031 - 707 20 00                     mejl.jpg Mail to kontakt@tingstad.se

We offer

Good price guaranteed

Cost savings.

You receive a cost proposal based on your individual needs. We guarantee that you make a cost saving for your business.

Digital self-service.

Our digital program for self-service is design to be a user-friendly and effective way to help you with all of the controls you are required to perform on your own.

Quick & top class services.

Our trained hygiene and pest inspectors are there to assist you with advice and tips for your business. We are here for you if you need any help.

Se hur tjänsten fungerar.

På ett enkelt, transparent och kostnadsärligt sätt hjälper vi dig att känna trygghet kring livsmedelskontroll och skadedjurshantering. Här visar vi dig hur det går till!.

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Our programs

Food Safety Program.

to comply with legal requirements and guidelines that concern food hygiene and food safety.

In our food safety program, we conduct continuous hygiene inspections with food control. We will provide you with knowledge about possible shortcomings, we will develop action plans, follow up and assist you in documenting what the authorities require for good food hygiene. We help you with your own responsibility for the business to maintain good quality and safety. In addition, we perform sampling and temperature controls.

We also offer you a digital self-service program based on HACCP guidelines. The self-service program is tailored to your business and is easy to fill in, access and follow-up as you easily reach it digitally through your computer, tablet or mobile.

This is included:

  • Hygiene Inspections
  • Temperature Control
  • Action plan based on shortcomings
  • Sampling
  • Follow up with documentation
  • Help with government requirements
  • Customized and digital self-service
  • Support


  • Extended sampling
  • Help with suspected food poisoning

Pest Control Program.

Our method is designed to provide you with long-term pest free result. Our pest inspectors have the knowledge required to give you practical advice on areas of improvement. Often, maintenance, the proper type of cleaning, and training efforts among staff are a quick pay off.

Our experienced pest inspectors perform regular and preventive inspections to minimize the risk of pests. If you are greeted by rodents, insects or flies, we act professionally and guarantee you to get rid of the problem quickly.

We always strive to use environmentally friendly methods for controlling pests. If we need to find other solutions, we have a wide range of knowledge and tools. Safety is important to us, and we therefore always inform in an easy-to-understand manner about what chemicals have been used and what is important to consider after our visit.

This is included:

  • Inspection Round
  • Risk assessment with preventive action proposals
  • Identification of any pest activity
  • Environmentally friendly combat
  • Decontamination
  • Emergency service
  • Support



Till dig som har vår livsmedels- och skadedjurskontroll erbjuder vi nu brandsäkerhetsprogram som tilläggstjänst.

Service och reparation utförs på verksamhetens släckare. Omladdningar samt verkstadskontroller på pulver-, skum- samt kolsyrasläckare utförs enligt branschens framtagna intervaller.

Inspektioner utförs årligen. Vid inspektioner registrerar brandtekniker avvikelserapport över de brister som kan påverka brandsäkerheten, och lämnar åtgärdsförslag.

Det här ingår:

  • Brandsäkerhetsinspektion med servicerapport
  • Service av släckare
  • Omladdningar av släckare
  • Verkstadskontroller av släckare


  • Installation av ansulexsystem
  • Service av ansulexsystem
  • Utbildningar
  • Hjärtstartare
  • Brandskyddsplan Upprättande av SBA (systematiskt brandskyddsarbete)

WE choose Tingstad

”Affordable, quick help and high quality.”

For us, quality, knowledge, affordability and prompt help are important factors when choosing supplier of goods and services. Tingstad supplies all of this in their food and pest control services.

Gustav Trägårdh, Sjömagasinet

”The best sanitation company we have ever hired.”

Affordable, really affordable. We got more than we were promised and a high attendance from the technician that was very competent and knowledgeable. Tingstad is at the very forefront technically and we got help right away.

Patrik IIjin, Kooperativet Lindholmen

"Affordable with professional staff."

Really affordable. Tingstad is keeping a high level of knowledge with professional staff, great support and great digital appliances.

Patrik Wilund, First Hotel


”Good price for great service.”

A very good price for the service to good quality. The technician was very professional and we quickly got help.

Victor Dietz, Fiskekrogen


Follow the steps below to report interest in our Food Safety and Pest Control programs.




Contact us by calling 031 - 707 20 00 or by sending an email to kontakt@tingstad.se



You will be contacted by us in good time with materials and inspection plans. You receive a cost proposal based on your individual needs. We guarantee that you make a cost saving for your business.



Once you have chosen to start a cooperation with Tingstad regarding food safety and pest control the rest is easy. We will help you keep an eye on your first check-up.



One of our experienced hygiene and pest engineers will contact you and come out for a free visit. You will get solid advice and tips that your business needs to comply with legal requirements and industry standards.


Ravintolan hygienia.

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