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Takaisin Etusivulle Siivous ja hygienia Käyttöoppaat Cleaning of workstations in commercial kitchens

Cleaning of workstations in commercial kitchens.

In commercial kitchen environments and areas where food is handled, it is important to keep up a good hygiene. There are a lot of things you can do as an employer to make the hygiene situation in your kitchen: make sure the work tools are clean before use, make sure the work surfaces are clean and fresh, colour code your cleaning equipment to minimize the risk of cross contamination and make sure there are conditions for good hand hygiene at the staff.

On this page we will give you tips on different products, cleaning methods and tips that you can use to create a safe and hygienic kitchen environment that is better for both your customers and your colleagues.

How to clean your workspaces

Follow the steps below to efficiently clean work stations in the kitchen. The steps apply to kitchen cleaners and combination products such as Kitchen Cleaners with disinfection.

1. Remove loose dirt from the surface

2. Spray the detergent evenly on the surface

3. Leave the product act for 15 minutes

4. Work over the surface with a brush or sponge

5. Rinse thoroughly with water and allow to dry

There may be differences in working methods between different detergents and brands. Always read the instructions on the bottle carefully before commencing cleaning.

Disinfection of kictchentools and workspaces

Follow the steps below for disinfecting of surfaces and tools that comes in direct contact witch food; such as workbenches, cutting machines and cutting boards etc.

1. Distribute surface disinfectants evenly over the surface or tool to be disinfected

2. Then leave the tool / surface dry

There may be different methods between different detergents and brands manufacturers. Always read the instructions on the product carefully before use.

Equipment for cleaning and disinfecting work stations in commercial kitchens

Before you begin cleaning the kitchen, we recommend that you have the following products nearby:

  • Kitchen cleaners
  • Surface disinfectants
  • Scrubber, dishbrush or sponge
  • Wiping Paper
  • Cleaning cloths (preferably in different colours for colour coding)

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