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Takaisin Etusivulle Siivous ja hygienia Käyttöoppaat Rengöring av textil, mattor & möbler

Rengöring av textil, möbler & mattor.

På kontor, i butiker, restauranger och på kaféer är det lätt hänt att någonting spills ut. En olycka är lätt hänt och trots att det är för stunden irriterande så är det ett problem är lätt att fixa. Här kommer vi gå igenom bra städredskap som är bra att ha nära när olyckan är framme. Vi kommer att rekommendera lite rengöringsmedel som är bra att känna till samt gå igenom lite allmänna tips och tricks när det kommer till fläckborttagning och textilvård.

Tips on how to remove stains.

An accident has happen it has left a stain - What should you do? Below you can read some good tips on how to handle stains when they appear on carpets and textiles.

  • Use good cleaning agents: When stains occurs, it is important to use good stain removal detergent. Further down the page you will find detergents that we recommend for removal of stains.
  • Try the detergent on a small surface: Some detergents are very strong and may not be suitable for certain types of materials. Therefore, always test the detergent on a small surface first to make sure that the agent does not discolor the fabric.
  • Remove the stain quickly: Try to remove the stain as soon as possible. A stain that stays too long will be harder to get rid of. So try to have detergents nearby in environments where stains easily occurs.
  • Dabb the stain, do not rub: A common mistake for removing stains from eg. Coffee, wine, etc. is to rub the stain. Avoid this as method as it can make the stain worse. Instead, apply detergent, let it work and then press on the stain repeatedly with a clean cloth, tissue or sponge. This causes the stain to be soaked into the cloth / sponge. Different cleaning agents have different uses. Some products should be applied directly to the stain and other agents should be applied on a cloth and then dabbed on the stain. Read the product manual before using your product for best effect.
  • Removal of chewing gum: Chewing gum can be hard to remove. We recommend to use a cooling spray. Spray with the cooling spray on the chewing gum and cool it down. Afterwards, you can easily remove it by either cutting it off or crushing the chewing gum and then sweep it up.

Thorough cleaning of furniture.

Are you in need of a machine for thorough cleaning of carpets, sofas etc. we can recommend Kärchers textile cleaning machines. Textile cleaning machines help to clean thoroughly into the fibers. Perfect for carpets, furniture, vehicles, etc.

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