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Valikoimissamme on roskapusseja ja jätesäkkejä monesta eri materiaalista ja monta eri kokoa, jotta löytäisit juuri sinun tarpeisiisi sopivan. Meillä on roskapusseja sekä muovista että kompostoitavasta materiaalista. Myös jätesäkkejä on tarjolla esimerkiksi paperista, muovista ja kompostoitavasta materiaalista valmistettuna. Useimpia pusseja on saatavilla tilavuudeltaan 5 litrasta aina 210 litraan. Roskapussit sopivat tällä sivulla myytäviin roskakoreihin. Jos haluat tietää lisää ole yhteydessä asiakaspalveluun.

Different types of trash bags.

In our range you will find a wide range of trash bags, bin liners and accessories that will help you with your waste management. Below we will give you information about different products and the benefits with them.

TRANSPARENT BAGSTransparenta-sopsackar.jpg

Transparent bagpipes are usually used by you who do not want to throw anything unexpectedly.





Coex is a specific way of producing trash bags - the bags are made of several thin layers and together they form a stronger bag.

If you compare two bags of the same thickness, you can expect that the durability is better with the COEX bag.





Food disposal bags are extra strong trash bags that keeps the food waste in. Tingstad's food waste bags are designed to cope with larger amounts of food waste and to ensure that any liquids remain in the bag.

The bags are clearly marked to facilitate the sorting.. 



biosackar.jpgBio bags are compostable trash bags that are eco-friendly. Bio bags are manufactured from a biodegradable film whose physical properties correspond to the characteristics of traditional plastics. After use, the bag of contents can be thrown into a bin for biofuel or in compost.





Paper bag is the most natural waste solution available today. Paper bags are suitable for paper collection and all organic materials. They are made from a renewable resource and have the lowest environmental impact compared to alternative materials. Paper is part of nature's own recycling system.

All paper bags have the advantage that they can stand up on the floor by themselves. All bags are produced in two-layer craft paper making them extremely durable.


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