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Lamput ja valaisimet.

Tingstadilla on suuri valikoima valaistustuotteita. Valaisinvalikoimistamme löydät esimerkiksi käytännölliset ja kauniit pöytälamput, taskulamput, sulakkeet ja haaroitinpistorasiat. Valaisimia varten meillä on suuri valikoima LED-lamppuja, loisteputkia, pienloistelammpua ja halogeenilamppuja. LED-lamppuja ja pienloistelamppuja on eri malleja ja valaistusvoimakkuuksia.

Good to know about different types of light sources.

Watt (W) is the unit which a light source nominal power consumption is measured when it is connected to the voltage for which it is intended. This value was previously the deciding factor when it came to decide which lamp you needed. Today we use the measure lumen.

Light output is measured in lumen (Lm) and is measured on the total light emitted from a light source. Lumen is todays standard measure when it comes to deciding which lamp you need. This has replaced watt that was a value of power consumption.

Color temperature is measured in Kelvin (K) and indicates the color range of the light. The gradient range from 2700 K to over 6000 K. Low degrees give warm yellow-red light and high gradient gives cool blue-white light.


Energy saving versus energy consumption for halogen lamps, low energy lamps and LED lamps compared with standard bulbs on the left.


In our range you will find several different lamps, bulbs and accessories. To help you find the right bulb, we have filters so that you can find the right socket and light output. Don’t you know what socket you need? Often this information is printed on the packaging and some time you can find the information on the light source itself.


• Energy efficient - saves at least 80% against a standard bulb

• Lifespan - Longer life span from 20,000 to 50,000 hours

• Colors - can display different colors without filter

• Dimmability - Most led lamps can be use with dimmers

• Environment - contains no heavy metals

• Ignition time - lights up immediately

• Does not produce UV radiation, does not bleach colors

• Do not emit heat in the light direction

• Energy efficiency coupled with the considerably longer life span makes it possible to calculate the higher piece cost in a relatively short period of time


• Uses energy more efficiently

• Provides longer life span, up to five times as long

• Provides clearer, whiter light

• Unlike conventional light bulbs, the halogen lamp can provide a higher power without reducing the flow of light over time

• Halogen lamps can provide 85 - 95% of the original light output during 70% of the lamps life span


• Same light flow with only 20% of energy consumption.

• Up to 15 times longer life span - which reduces operating and maintenance costs dramatically

• Contains mercury

• Shape and light distribution are comparable to standard bulbs, but with lifetime and efficiency comparable to the fluorescent lamps


• Fluorescent lights are excellent for lighting of eg. offices, business premises, industrial premises and in the home environment

• Full color fluorescent lights with good characteristics

• Excellent color reproduction

• More light for longer periods - 95% maintained light flow

• Longer life (up to 20,000 hours with electronic donors)

• Fluorescent lights are available in different white and cold-white colors. Full color fluorescent lamps have high efficiency, deliver excellent color rendering and high energy savings.

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