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We have long experience in producing entire collections of workwear that are comfortable, elegant and professional. Strengthen your brand with our knowledge of bespoke workwear. Here you see a selection of customers who have chosen us as their supplier of workwear.


Elegance and comfort.

We dress Espresso House from head to toe. From hats to aprons and shirts.

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Playful and unique.

We take care of Akademibokhandelhandels workwear, which are characterized by simple, classic and stylish garments.

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Playful and unique.

We take care of Pichos bespoke workwear. From the shoes to the playful details that make the concept unique.

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Tydligt, uppdaterat och bekvämt.

For the employees at Rusta, we have developed a comfortable collection that clearly carries the brand.

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Nordic Wellness

Full of energy and activity.

We strengthen the Nordic Wellness brand.

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High comfort and brand exposure.

We create a more beautiful working day for the employees at Rasta.

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Välkommen in

Clear vision.

We take care of Shell's workwear by conveying their personality and brand.

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Funktionalitet med ett modernt intryck.

We have developed Preem's workwear with a strong focus on functionality.

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