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Hos Tingstad har vi et meget bredt og omfattende sortiment af barudstyr og forbrugsvarer til professionelle barer. Hos os finder du alt til den moderne bar, fx glas, shakers, mixingglas, jiggers, mortere, hældetude, drinkspinde, sugerør og meget mere. Vi har også et bredt sortiment af drinksmixere, fx juice, vand, koncentrater og sirup.


Playful and unique.

We take care of Pinchos bespoke workwear. From the shoes to the playful details that make the concept unique.

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The perfect beer head.

We have seen many trends within the beer segment. Micro breweries have been on growth and the range of beers have increased in line with the trend. But what is the difference between an IPA and a weissbier and how do you tap a beer in the best way making a perfect beer head. We have all the answers.

  • IPA Is for Indian Pale Ale. It is a hoppy beer style within the category of pale ale that derives from England. The hop in the IPA gives it a bitterness while the malt gives body to the taste. An IPA has an alcohol by volume of about 5 %
  • Weissbier means white beer and is also called wheat beer. The name wheat beer is because it contains of at least 50 % wheat, which is a much higher proportion than other beers that are primarily made of barley. It is commonly served in high glass to make place for the froth
  • Beer head. How thick a foamy beer head gets depends on the beer you are drinking and how you pour it. To free fragrance, carbonic acid and flavours that complete the beer you should pour the beer straight down to the bottom of the glass and not along the inner side of the glass. Pour the beer until the froth reaches the edge of the glass. Wait for a while until the froth subsides before you continue pouring. It takes some patience as it can take a few minutes. If you don’t have the patience, just pour the beer with a little less beer head



The non-alcoholic bar.

Not only those who drive or are pregnant abstain from alcohol, and the non-alcoholic alternatives are now more and more sophisticated. Many bars and restaurants nowadays want to be able to offer an exciting and tasty range of non-alcoholic alternatives, and as the supply becomes more sophisticated, customers' willingness to pay for them also increases.

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Med de rigtig maskiner i køkkenet bliver arbejdet nemmere gjort.  Vi har et stort sortiment af maskiner i høj kvalitet, som kan alt lige fra at give den perfekte grilloverflade, holde suppen varm, lave zoodles af zucchini til at blende den perfekte smoothie.   

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Kokkens drømmekniv.

Tingstad tilbyder knive fra førende varemærker til alle anvendelsesområder i køkkenet. Gode knive er afgørende for at køkkenarbejdet går nemt og gnidningsfrit.

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Når uheldet er ude.

I vores sortiment finder du robuste og funktionelle forbindingskasser, førstehjælpskasser og skabe til alle typer arbejdspladser.

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The dot over the i in the bar.

With the right accessories the dot over the i is placed just where it should be. To work with the right cocktail tools, bar mats, citrus presses, jiggers, drink sticks and serve trays make the working day smoother. Alongside as the drinks tastes even better. See our assortment that make a little extra to your bar.

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Every other one water.

Big glasses that extinguishes the thirst or small glasses besides the wine glasses. Do not forget to serve water in the right type of glass. Se our big range.

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Desværre er ingen online, men du kan sende os en e-mail til kontakt@tingstad.se!

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