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Rectangular name tags

Rectangular-shaped name tags are popular in many industries and professions. We offer a wide range of options, so you can find the name tag that suits your brand. They come with a standard pin and can be complemented with a magnet or clip.

  • Minimum quantity: 1 pc

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Metal 60x30 och 76x25 mm  Print technique
• Silver  • 4 color printing
• Gold shiny • Laser engraving (Wood, red oak, 60x30 & 76x25 mm)
• Brass  
• Aluminium Print colour
• White aluminium • 1-4 printing colors
• Steel polished  
Metal 60x18 mm   
• Silver   
• Brass  
• White aluminium  
Plastic 60x18 mm, 60x30 mm, 76x25 mm, 76x38 mm, 80x25 mm   
• Silver   
• Gold  
• White aluminium  
• Black  
Plexiglas 60x30 och 76x25 mm  
• White frosted  
Wood 60x30 mm  
• Al  
• Light walnut  
• Dark walnut  
• Red oak   
Wood 63x32 mm  
• Al  
Wood 76x25 mm  
• Red oak  
• Dark walnut  
• Light walnut  

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