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Tingstad.com uses cookies (small non-personal data packets) to improve your user experience and create a better website. For example, these handle language settings, what’s in your shopping cart and your order number at checkout. To make your buying experience easier, you need to allow these cookies.


Our cookies

Below you can read more about what types of cookies we use and why:

Necessary cookies

These contain information that we need for you to access our services. The necessary cookies help us to detect and track fraud or other attempts at illegal access to your information and our services. Cookies are also used for us to offer you our payment solution and, for example, for the page to remember which products you put in your cart.


Functional cookies

For a faster website.

These cookies are used to get the website to load faster the next time you visit us. They also contain general information on how you are using out site. This allows us to customize our website for you and make your use as simple as possible.


Website adaptation

Remember me as a user.

Cookies for website adaptation are used to remember what choices you made when you have previously visited us. For example, so you do not have to choose which country or language the site should be displayed every time, these are also used for the "Remember me" button when you log in. With these, the page also remembers your recently visited products and your shopping cart.



Marketing cookies help us to see the effect of our ads and to better adapt them. This means that we can show more relevant ads and offer for you and other users that may be interested.


More information about personal data management can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions.


How to handle your cookies on the site:

We use cookies and third -party cookies to improve your experience on our site. If you want to deny cookies or delete them afterwards, you can change the settings in your browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Where you find the settings depends on which browser you use. Note, however, that if you choose to deny all cookies and/or third -party cookies, some features and services on our site might stop working.


Delete cookies:

If you want to delete cookies that you have previously approved, it is easy to do so. How you do it depends on which browser and device you use. Often there are tools for removing cookies under Settings for Privacy and Security, and then you can search for the page you want to remove cookies from. But it can vary between different browsers.

Click on the links below to see instructions for the most common browsers:

Of course, if you have any other questions about this, you can always contact customer service.

Unfortunately no one is online but you can send us an email to kontakt@tingstad.se!

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