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We’ve been around for a while, since 1948 actually, and have seen chalkboards go from a bare necessity to a creative expression both at home and in a professional environment. Today, chalkboards and chalk art have found its permanent place in our world. It’s easy to imagine why, because sharing your message in an authentic, personal, sympathetic way and showing your creativity is a lot of fun!

About Securit.

Making a statement by using chalkboards and chalk art whether at home or in a professional environment has become a global trend.

Thanks to the invention of the Original liquid chalk marker in 1987, we have continued expanding our product range combining professional heritage with the most innovative designs. 

G. Vermes BV was founded in 1948 and is today the parent company of the brand Securit®. As a family business spanning three generations we have grown from a love for what we do and a believe in our products and brand.

From a small office in the heart of Amsterdam to our newest headquarters in Almere, we are today a modern and multicultural company present in more than 90 countries.

Securit products are available in more than 10 000 top retailers and wholesalers worldwide, from Europe to the Americas and Asia. 

Today Securit® products are used by pretty much everyone. It’s for people that can see much more than a chalkboard or a chalk marker. People that see every opportunity to create as a chance to be creative.

Shop products from Securit


Home Collection.

Chalk markers in dozens of colours, wall chalkboards, letterboards, chalk paint and 3D chalkboard animals. Just a small teaser of the more than 200 products we have developed to decorate and colour yousr home. Everyone is creative!

Professional Collection.

If you are looking for Professional products that will bring your business to the next level in terms of quality and visual design then look no further. Securit Pro is a pioneer in the world of signage and visual communication.


Original Chalk Marker.


Waterproof Chalk Marker.


Wall Board (WBWGLBL40).


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