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Bao - trendy streetfood.

Bao is a dish that can be varied endlessly but one thing is always certain; It is a dish where many wonderful textures, structures and flavors are combined into a perfect dish that makes the taste buds rejoice.

Unikt plagg på den nordiska marknaden

The kimono - practical and neat.

We have developed a kimono for restaurants. The kimono is unique in its kind on the European market. It is designed to be a flexible and stylish work wear for both the chef and the serving staff. It is also made in a nice quality that can handle the restaurant's pace!

Till kimonon
Maträtten på allas läppar

Bao - trendy streetfood.

Bao, sometimes also called steam buns, is a hot food trend in street food that has reached the western world in recent years. The dish is originally from Taiwan and the word bao means steamed bread. However, Bao is probably most associated with Chinese food and the fact is that baob bread is something many in China have as bulk product at home in their freezer.

So what is bao?

Så vad är då bao?

Bao consists of steamed bread rolls which, thanks to steam boiling, become soft and fluffy, but at the same time moderate. There are different variants of bao. Partly the baobreads that are folded in the middle and partly the baos that are clipped together at the top. The variant of bao that has become the most common and trendy in the western world is the folded variant. The steamed bao breads are filled with delicious flavors and delicious filling of vegetables, coriander, and meat (often pork) or vegetarian alternatives such as tofu.

Bao is a right that can be infused and varied infinitely but one thing is always certain; It is a dish where many wonderful textures, structures and flavors combine into a perfect dish that makes the taste buds rejoice. If you have not tested, be sure to do so as soon as the opportunity exists!

Photo: @ cooked.inc


Food wrapped in food

Food "wrapped in food" is the perfect street food. The food can be eaten without cutlery - perhaps only a napkin is needed here, which makes it all practical and sustainable. A dish that requires a minimum of extra peripherals is the perfect food to eat on the go or maybe even better in peace and quiet outdoors.

Eating food "wrapped" in food, such as bao, which is served in bread, is a food trend that is predicted to be large according to the Food & Friends trend stress report.

Image: @matborgen

Ny broschyr för det asiatiska köket!

Letar du efter produkter som är perfekta för take away av asiatiska maträtter? Look no further! I vår nya broschyr hittar du bland mycket annat bentolådor, nudelboxar, sushiformar och soppbägare, tallrikar, ätpinnar och bestick. Produkter som gör att du kan servera och förpacka maten på ett mer hållbart sätt.


Bläddra i broschyr

SmartMate by Tingstad®.

SmartMate, smart services for you who handle food. The app helps you keep track of your business with digital temperature control and self-control – for a safe and secure legal compliance. SmartMate is a smart and user-friendly app that helps you minimize the risk of product losses. You can subscribe to one or more services within the app. Completely without binding times. Digital, mobile and efficient!



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