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Back Home Inspiration Smoother take away with bento boxes

Smoother take away with bento boxes!

It is said that all good things are three. But with bento boxes, they can be both more and fewer. Using bento boxes gives the opportunity to pick the raisins out of the cake and get a little of everything that is good - for a wonderful whole. Like a buffet in mini format!


Happiness is a bit of everything.

Using bento boxes gives the pleasant opportunity to enjoy a little of everything. A little of all that good that together forms a complete meal consisting of different flavors and textures. Quite simply an enjoyable whole. Like a buffet in mini format! Practical compartments keep the different parts of the food separate and here can accommodate both starter, main course and dessert, a cheese and charcuterie tray, tapas and meze, Lebanese, salads, you name it. The sky is the limit and so on. And who does not love to get a little of most things that are good!


What is bento?

So why is it called bento box? The word bento means lunch box and comes, perhaps not completely untipped, from the Japanese. Typical of these boxes is that they consist of several different components and often have compartments that divide the food, so that it does not mix. In other words, they are perfect for dishes of different "ingredients" that give a wonderful whole and they are of course also suitable for dishes outside the Japanese cuisine.

Tapas, antipasti and meze.

In Spain it is called tapas, in Italy it is called antipasti, while in the eastern Mediterranean it is called meze. In Sweden, it has, at least in the past, been called a smorgasbord. The principle is really the same - a variation of a lot of different tasty dishes. A little bit of everything which is always a winning concept.

A classic bento.

A classic Japanese bento consists of rice, fish or meat and some small vegetable dishes as a snack. If you google bento, you will see pictures of the most creative lunch boxes, which are perhaps more to be regarded as works of art.

Cheese and charcuterie

Shopping for charcuterie and cheeses and other delicacies has really taken off in recent years. A Friday treat often contains delicacies bought over the counter. With a bento box, you can get your cheese and charcuterie plate "pre-assembled" and just enjoy in the quiet corner of the home.

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