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Food waste.

Food production requires much of the world's resources. An estimated one third of all food produced for human consumption ends up in the garbage or is lost otherwise. Therefore, there is an enormous importance in reducing food waste from both an environmental and an economic point of view. According to the UN's Global Sustainable Development Goals, food waste should be halved by 2030. What is food waste and how can you work to reduce it.

Food waste throughout the chain.

Food waste occurs throughout the food chain; in manufacturing, at wholesalers, suppliers, stores, restaurants, catering kitchens, and at households. However, the waste is mostly happening in households, with 938,000 tonnes being discarded annually, which corresponds to about 97 kilos of food per person per year. The production of the food that is discarded each year corresponds to emissions of about 2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, which is about 3 percent of Sweden's total greenhouse gas emissions. It is therefore of great importance to reduce wastage and improve housekeeping with the resources in the food chain.

Karma - the app that helps reduce food waste.

With the Karma app it is possible to reduce food waste by selling dishes and products with a short shelf life. Both reviews, grocery stores, cafes and bakeries as well as wholesalers can sell products via Karma.

It works as a Karma-affiliated restaurant, via the app, sells food that have not sold out. The customer orders and pays in the app and pick up the food within a specified time. The food is sold at a lower price and the restaurant gets money for food or products that otherwise would have been discarded. The result is reduced waste and more money for the business.

Eight tips to minimize food waste in the restaurant.

  • • Use the whole raw material or vegetable.
  • • Moving menu - Without a fixed menu you have the opportunity to cook based on what is in the coolers.
  • • Invite your guests to bring the leftovers in a doggy bag.
  • • Use leftovers for sauces, soups or salad buffets.
  • • Make croutons on leftover bread.
  • • Roast in if possible.
  • • Work actively with the food waste and communicate it to the guests.
  • • Encourage your guests to reduce food waste eg. through signs that encourage smaller portions and rather to pick up more new ones.

Keeps everything in place.

How we store food and that we store it properly is crucial to maintaining its quality, taste and aroma. With Smartstore drawers you get a uniform, safe and flexible storage of your food. If you choose transparent boxes, you quickly get an overview of what each box contains. Smartstore boxes are food approved and can withstand temperatures from -40 degrees to +100 degrees.

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Offer doggy bag!

Reduce the waste in your business by letting your guests take any leftover food from the dish home in a doggy bag. Smart and flexible for both you and the customer. We have a large selection of take away boxes and food packaging that makes it easy for you to reduce your food waste.

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Smart labelling with LabelFresh.

Make it easy for yourself, your employees and your customers by labeling your foods and dishes with Labelfresh labels. Labelfresh labels allow you to easily get an overview of your foods, such as the date of manufacture, time and who made the product. You can also mark up with labels that indicate allergens to make it easier for allergy sufferers and vegetarians, for example.

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Reduce the waste in the home.

According to the National Food Agency, a household could save at least SEK 3000-6000 per year on reducing its waste. The environment would also benefit if we reduced the waste as food production causes greenhouse gas emissions and overfertilization.

  • Look, smell and taste if the best before date has passed. Food often lasts longer and does not get bad as soon as the date has passed.
  • Make a new dish of leftovers.
  • Freeze leftover food, recommended at -18 ° C.
  • Plan your purchases
  • Eat the food in time.
  • Store the food properly so that, for example, sensitive goods are stored at the right temperature.
  • Do not store food in direct sunlight.

"If we fix the food we fix the planet"

The food accounts for a lot of emissions. Johan Rockström, professor of environmental science and head of the German Potsdam Institute for Climate, has listed five things, including food waste, as part of sustainable eating. In addition to reduced food waste, we need to halve our intake of meat, make investments in technology that enables sustainable agriculture, introduce regulations to achieve sustainable agriculture and disseminate knowledge and information about what sustainable food means. Johan Rockström says that: If we fix the food, we fix the planet

SmartMate by Tingstad®.

SmartMate, smart services for you who handle food. The app helps you keep track of your business with digital temperature control and self-control – for a safe and secure legal compliance. SmartMate is a smart and user-friendly app that helps you minimize the risk of product losses. You can subscribe to one or more services within the app. Completely without binding times. Digital, mobile and efficient!

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