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Plastic Bank.

In 2021, Tingstad has become a partner of Plastic Bank and in 2022, we launched new pump soaps, marked with Plastic Bank. This label means that for each bottle sold, we donate a sum that guarantees that 5 plastic bottles are picked up and prevented from ending up in the sea. Our hope and wish is that this will generate a good contribution to a better world environmentally and socially. Since we started selling our products they have contributed to prevent more than 5 million bottles from ending up in the ocean.

Products in collaboration with Plastic Bank

About Plastic Bank

Every minute, plastic equivalent to a full garbage truck is dumped into the sea. If it continues, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans in 2050. David Katz, Founder & CEO of Plastic Bank, had the idea to address the problem of plastic pollution by giving a new view of plastic waste. If the plastic has a value that can be exchanged for money or goods, there are incentives so that it does not remain rubbish on beaches and/or end up in the sea.

Since its inception, Plastic Bank has helped stop ocean plastic while improving lives in collection communities. When people are given the opportunity to become plastic collectors, they get meaningful employment and an income that can contribute to a better life for them. The plastic that is picked is exchanged at a collection branch, a "bank", and the picker receives life improving benefits. The collected plastic can then be taken to a recycling facility.

To date, Plastic Bank is established in the Philippines, Brazil, Indonesia, Egypt, and is in the process of establishing in Thailand and Cameroon, all of which are hard hit by plastic waste.

Plastic Bank’s Impact to Date:

  • Over 122 million kg of plastic collected
  • 6 billion bottles prevented from ending up in the sea
  • 105 schools received support from Plastic bank
  • An increase of up to 40% for the collectors' income
  • Over 48,000 people have become active collectors

Products that prevent 5 plastic bottles from ending up in the ocean

New Design: Plastic Bank logo and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Soaps with many benefits.

Our soaps launched in 2022 come in a new design and with new fresh scents. In addition to being wonderful in themselves, the labels are marked with both the Plastic Bank logo and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Our partnership with Plastic Bank means that 5 plastic bottles are prevented from ending up in the sea for each product purchased, and the Nordic Ecolabel ensures that the soap lives up to set environmental requirements.

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Clean surfaces and windows

Cleaning sprays that prevent ocean plastic.

Our cleaning sprays come in a new design and shape. In addition to the new design, they are also marked with the Plastic Bank logo. For each product purchased, 5 plastic bottles are prevented from ending up in the sea. Sprays that clean windows and surfaces spotlessly in your establishment.

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