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Plastic bags have been an important part of our assortment ever since the 70’s when plastic material became popular in Sweden. Just as we saw it as exciting in the 70’s, we view it equally interesting to follow the ongoing debate about the future of the plastic bag and its new alternatives. On this page you can get an overview of what we have to offer.


A paperbag to replace the plastic bag.

We are very proud to announce this new Swedish made paperbag. The bag is neat and pretty as it is but can also be printed iwith water based color. Invest in a bag perfect for clothing and lighter products.

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Flat handles.

Our paper bags with flat handles comes in several different sizes and models and is available in both white and brown paper. These paper bags gives a rustic and natural feel and is suitable for groceries, takeaway, and many other types of products.

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Deluxe bags.

Our deluxe bags are exclusive handmade paper bags that gives the impression of high quality. The bags are designed to enhance the customer experience and create a sense of luxury and quality. All of our deluxe bags have string handles.

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Twisted handles.

Paper bags with twisted handles gives a stylish impression and is available in many different sizes and colours. This paper bag is nice if you want a more designed paper bag that still has a rustic feel. By adding tissue paper, a ribbon and a nice label, the bag can also function as gift-wrapping.

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With us, you will find reusable bags in cotton, PP Woven and non woven, all with the great advantage that they can be used over and over again. What type of reusable bag do you need? See our range of reusable bags.

More Options

Flat bags.

We have a wide range of flat bags, with and without folding in the side. These bags come in several different sizes and colours and is a perfect alternative to smaller bags that is put in a bag or handbag with handles anyway.

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Paper Lunch Bags.

A Lunch Bag is a bag with a flat square bottom and straight sides. Lunch Bags are made of paper and sealed by folding the opening. Perfect as an alternative to smaller bags that is put in a bag or handbag with handles anyway.

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Window bags.

Our window bags is a perfect option if you are on the lookout for a bag that exposes your products in a nice and effective way. Perfect as an alternative to smaller bags that is put in a bag or handbag with handles anyway.

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Gift baskets.

Gift baskets in brown carbon can work well to carry products. The carbon makes it resistant and the die-cut handles makes them easy to carry. The baskets can also be used for gift-wrapping with complementary products such as cellophane and ribbons.

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Bread trays.

Why not offer your customer a bread tray for carrying goods? Our bread trays are made of corrugated cardboard and have two die-cut handles that make them easy to carry. Available in several sizes. Perfect for carrying goods out to a waiting car.

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Wrapping paper & Jute yarn.

Wrap your customer's purchases in paper to protect the product and then tie a handle of jute yarn to carry as a handle. Provides an old-fashioned feel, while it is a smart alternative to carry home.

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Bags from sugarcane.

Bags made of 90% sugar cane and 10% HDPE. The bag holds 7 kilo and is suitable for fruit and vegetables, products sold in bulk as well as other smaller purchases. Available in two different package sizes.

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Carrier bags in Biodolomer®.

Biodolomer® is a mineral-filled biomaterial that contains up to 60% renewable raw material. The material is a compound of copolyester (PBAT), polylactic acid (PLA) and calcium carbonate. The printing colors are water-based.

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Recycled plastic.

We offer recycled plastic bags with punched handles, loop handles, grocery bags and e-commerce bags. Contact us for more info and prices.

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E-commerce bags and boxes

E-commerce boxes.

Strengthen your brand by acquiring custom printed Ecommerce boxes with your logo.

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Paper Ecommerce bags.

We offer E-commerce bags with and without handles as well as single or double tap closure. The bags are available in several colors and sizes.

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Profile printed packing tape.

Send orders with branded tape. Another way to clearly, conveniently and nicely elevate your shipments with profile printing.

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Plastic bags

T-shirt Bags.

Plastic bags with hanger handles are available in several different sizes and colours and works well for both food and other purchases.

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Plastic bags with loop handles.

Our bags with loop handles are available in several models and for a variety of purposes such as take-away, pizza bags, clothes or other types of products.

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Plastic bags with cutout handles.

Our plastic bags with cutout handles come in a variety of sizes and looks and are popular in clothing and interior stores.

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What happens later?!

Sooner or later even the alternatives to our traditional plastic bags become obsolete. In our guide for recycling we have gathered information about what you should do with each material shown on this page, when the bags is not able to be used anymore. This information is good for the end consumer to be aware of, so that we all can take care of our environment.


Show the world who you are!

Bags, e-commerce boxes, gift boxes, tissue paper, gift paper and packing tapes are just a few examples of packaging products that we can help you embellish with your logo. A great way to showcase your brand. Our graphical team gives you tips and advice and can help you to develop good overall concepts.

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Unfortunately no one is online but you can send us an email to kontakt@tingstad.se!

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