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Back Home Inspiration Deposit the pizza box with Bower

Panta pizzakartongen med Bower.

Tingstad joins Bower and thereby launches, as the first supplier on the market, pizza boxes that can be rewarded with the Bower app. This is one of all parts of our sustainability work and we at Tingstad hope that this can contribute to further steps towards an increased recycling rate. With their app, Bower wants to increase the recycling of packaging with the help of rewards directly in the app.

The market's first pawnable pizza box!

In 2023 Tingstad did what no other player on the market had done before: Launched a pawnable pizza box!

The red, iconic pizza box that attracted attention for its color when it entered the market is now receiving new attention as it is connected to Bower and thus becomes possible to deposit. With the Bower app, the boxes are scanned and you can see the number of points earned and CO2 emissions saved directly on your mobile. The point reward for the deposit can be withdrawn in the form of money or coupons directly in the mobile phone.

When used and empty packaging gets a value, which can give something back, then there is an economic justification that can give increased recycling.

Get dough from your pizza box

Get rewarded!

This is how you do it:

  • Download the Bower app (you can find it on the AppStore and Google Play)
  • Scan the box's QR code with the app.
  • Find the nearest recycling station in the app's map function or add your own station and leave the pizza box for recycling in the paper packaging container. Confirm that you are there and press "Pawn packages" in the app.
  • Get rewarded for pledged pizza boxes and packaging in the form of points and get cash or coupons directly on your mobile. You can also donate to charity in the app.

Eat the pizza, deposit the box!

Increased recycling through reward


Recycling is a good thing.

By pledging empty packaging and leaving them for recycling in exchange for a reward, Bower wants more people to open their eyes to the importance of recycling and get more people to recycle. When trash and empty packaging can bring money or store coupons, there are more reasons to get the recycling job done right, so that the trash ends up where it belongs. In the recycling bins.

  • Bower currently has over 580 000 users
  • More than 73 million packages have been pledged with the Bower app.
  • More than 3000 000 kg of carbon dioxide has been saved

Anyone who has the app can see for themselves how much their carbon footprint has been reduced thanks to the recycling and what it corresponds to, for example, in driving time and number of minutes of hot shower.


About Bower.

Bower is a Swedish company formerly known as PantaPå. Before an international launch, they chose to change the name to Bower, which is linguistically more viable. Where exactly is Bower, you might wonder? Well the name Bower is inspired by Australian bowerbirds; foliage birds in Swedish. These birds make use of fallen leaves, feathers and debris and use it to decorate their nest with.

Similar to bowerbirds, Bower also works to increase the recovery and above all the recycling of rubbish and empty packaging. It is important to encourage and clarify the importance of increased recycling in order to achieve a circular society, says Bower's CEO Suwar Mert in an interview with Göteborgs Posten. With the Bower app and the fact that empty packaging can give you money back, more people can be made aware of, and enticed to recycle more.

Read more about Bower

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