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Back Home Inspiration Outdoor seating at last

Outdoor seating at last.

Is there anything more wonderful than sitting on an outdoor terrace and letting the sun's rays warm pale cheeks while enjoying something good to eat and drink? If the cold creeps in, blankets and infrared protectors are on hand to provide heat. The comfortable and classic furniture makes the guests sit comfortably and nicely and light strands make the atmosphere cozy when darkness falls. We are in for a long season on the outdoor terrace. At Tingstad you will find what you need!


Stay warm

Nice and warm all year round with infrared heater.

Let the heat keep the outdoor seating well attended. If the weather conditions are not enough, infrared heaters can give the temperature a boost in the right direction that makes the guests stay and enjoy for a long time all the delicious food on your menu. See what we can offer so that your outdoor seating can stay warm.

Non-slip shoes
Skapa en härlig atmosfär

Decorate the outdoor seating.

Create an outdoor seating area with a lovely and inviting atmosphere. With us, you will find light loops that create the right coziness for outdoor dining. Or maybe marshals and candles are your thing? Add cuddly rugs that warm when the degrees creep down. Let the outdoor seating be the place where guests want to linger.

Till inredning Till belysning
Serve nicely

Serving products for outdoor dining.

Serve your dishes in a way that enhances the experience for the guest. Here you will find a selection of our wide range of serving items, where we have selected products that are particularly suitable for outdoor dining.

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Enjoy the outdoors

Comfortable outdoor furniture for a long season on the outdoor terrace.

The outside is the same as the inside during the outdoor serving season. The light that comes back on the edge of spring is as cozy as when the evenings get darker after a long and wonderful summer. Offer your guests to sit comfortably and nicely even outdoors. What outdoor furniture does your business need for a long outdoor serving season? Find the style with us.

Non-slip shoes



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