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Rött är rätt för pizzerian.

There are pizza boxes and then there are pizza boxes you remember. Our red pizza box was a real eyebrow raiser when it arrived. Over time, it has become an iconic pizza box. The box has gained more family members since it came into being around the turn of the millennium and now you will also find matching products for pizza salad and boxes for kebabs as well as for falafel and kebab rolls. Let red be the right color in the pizzeria!

The story behind the red pizza box.

In the late 90's, corrugated pizza boxes were not visible on the market. A pizza box was often white in thinner materials, more like today's cake boxes, and often with prints that illustrated a rather stereotypical image of an Italian pizza baker. Martin MacFie, who was commissioned as purchasing and product manager at the time, was commissioned to investigate the market in search of a pizza box factory. After some research, he found a factory that could offer pizza boxes in corrugated cardboard at a real "fall off the chair" price. After finding the right factory, the next step in production, to develop a design, started. Many suggestions were made by Tingstad's then graphic designer Niklas Draberg and in the end Martin and Niklas agreed on the design we still see today. A design that did not "go free ride" on Italian culture and that still stands firm today.

Stop the production!

When it was decided on the design and the first factory samples appeared, they turned out, to Martin's horror, to be in the purple direction in the color. Martin called the factory to stop production immediately. However, the factory replied that everything was just as it should be and that the red color they used was the right red color. Martin pressed for the factory to solve it and with a coating on the cardboard, the red color finally came into its own and Martin was able to breathe out. After all, five containers had already been ordered, which meant huge volumes to sell.

A self-selling eye catcher

The red pizza box that arrived was undeniably a real eye catcher, in a world of white pizza boxes. When the price of it was also so much better than the competitors could offer, it quickly became popular. Even if a salesman at first thought that the unusual color of pizza boxes caught his eye, Martin remembers. The cartons became immensely popular with customers and the first five containers sold faster than expected, which was a good receipt.

"We do not make copies!"

Maybe you have seen or will see a similar pizza box if you travel in Europe. This is because more companies have been allowed to use Nikla's design, something that perhaps happened a little too lightly when it went, says Martin. It was even the case that when colleague Bertil went to Turkey to try to conclude an agreement with a factory there and asked if they could print our red cardboard, they said "No, no, we do not make copies!" So they thought that Bertil came with a competitor's carton and wanted to print it.

One thing is for sure, though: If you see a red pizza box in the same design around the world, you can be sure that the design originally comes from Tingstad.

Röda pizzakartonger

Our range of red pizza boxes

The market's first pawnable pizza box!

Tingstad is doing what no other player on the market has done before: Launching a pawnable pizza box!

The red, iconic pizza box that attracted attention for its color when it entered the market is now receiving new attention as it is connected to Bower and thus becomes possible to deposit. With the Bower app, the boxes are scanned and you can see the number of points earned and CO2 emissions saved directly on your mobile. The point reward for the deposit can be withdrawn in the form of money or coupons directly in the mobile phone.

When used and empty packaging gets a value, which can give something back, then there is an economic justification that can give increased recycling.

Unfortunately no one is online but you can send us an email to kontakt@tingstad.se!

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