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Propelling pencil.

Need new mechanical pencils for the office? We offer a wide range of mechanical pencils from several well-known brands such as Pilot, BIC, Staedtler, and Ballograf. A mechanical pencil is a simple tool, but also one of the most useful in your pencil case. It has a natural place in most workplaces and is particularly important for those who need to sketch or create precise drawings, such as creators, designers, and engineers.

Mechanical pencils are also a perfect alternative for those who want to avoid constantly sharpening their pencils, as you can easily refill them with loose lead when the ones inside run out. There are different thicknesses and hardnesses of the lead in mechanical pencils to suit different writing styles and needs. Typically, the leads come in thicknesses of 0.35, 0.5, and 0.7 millimeters, but there are also leads up to 2-3 millimeters for those who want a thicker lead.

The hardness of the lead is indicated by numbers and the combination of H or B. H stands for "hard" and B stands for "black", and higher numbers in combination with H indicate harder leads while higher numbers in combination with B indicate softer leads that give a darker color. The most common hardness used in regular writing is HB, but it is a personal preference which hardness one prefers.

Order your mechanical pencils in bulk or individually from us at Tingstad.com today for favorable prices and fast deliveries. We also have a range of loose lead refills so you can easily refill your mechanical pencil when needed.

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