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Embroidery and printing of workwear and textiles.

We help you lift your workwear and textiles to new levels with embroidery and printing. Let them be decorated with your brand or the names of the staff or, why not, a nice message! As we embroider and print inhouse, completely without intermediaries, we can offer you as a customer fast deliveries and the right price immediately.


Inhouse embroidery and printing of workwear and textiles.

By producing prints and embroidery in our own business, we can ensure control of the entire chain and can therefore always deliver what you want printed or embroidered quickly, with the highest quality and at really good prices.

If you want to order from us again, you do it easily and without unnecessary administration as we save your proofs.

Exclusive touch with embroidery.

Embroidery is for many something that is considered exclusive, and certainly the structure of embroidery gives a solid, rustic and at the same time luxurious feeling.

Let the embroidy turn your workwear or other textiles into an advertising pillar for your brand. Let the staff give a more personal impression with an embroidered name or embroider a nice message on workwear or other textile products!

The possibilities are enormous and one thing is for sure. Embroidery adds something extra to textiles - whether it is embroidery on workwear, caps, backpacks or kitchen towels!

Detailed with print.

Printing is a nice way to convey and draw attention to your brand. It is suitable for most textile materials and is of great advantage for waterproof clothing or clothing made of thin material that is not suitable for embroidery.  

Having prints on your clothes contributes to increased brand recognition and gives work clothes a stylish detail, regardless of the type of garment. It also creates a sense of community and belonging. 

Like embroidery, the possibilities are many and you can always trust that it gives the garment that little something extra regardless of where the print ends up.

Embroidery or print - what should I choose?

Which one to choose when it comes to embroidery or printing may partly depend on the material / garment to be processed. It is also important to take into account the needs that exist. Like how often a garment or other textile product needs to be washed.

Choose embroidery if:

  • You have clothes, tablecloths, towels, cloth napkins or anything else that needs a lot of washing. Embroidery holds up nicely in wash after wash.
  • You are looking for an exclusive feeling.

 Select print if:

  • You have a detailed logo with many colors.
  • The material i so thin that it can not / should not be embroidered.



Sustainable clothing.

Sustainable clothing is not just about durable clothes that must withstand all the stresses of the working day, but about durability throughout the chain - from production to finished product. In our range, there are carefully selected clothes that take extra account of just that.


Showcase profile clothing.

We have extensive experience in producing entire collections of workwear that are comfortable for the employees as they exude elegance and professionalism. Strengthen your brand with the help of our knowledge of profile printed workwear.

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We help you with engraving of your trophies and medals. This service is always included in the price when you buy trophies and medals at Tingstad.com. As we engrave everything ourselves, it means fast delivery routes and minimal waiting for you as a customer.

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