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We have long experience in producing entire collections of workwear that are comfortable, elegant and professional. Strengthen your brand with our knowledge of bespoke workwear. Here you see a selection of customers who have chosen us as their supplier of workwear.

Inspireras av Espresso houses kollektion av arbetskläder

Elegance and comfort.

We dress Espresso House from head to toe. From headwear to aprons and shirts.

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Inspireras av Akademibokhandelns kollektion av arbetskläder

Unified and classic.

We take care of Akademibokhandeln's workwear, characterized by simple, classic, and stylish garments.

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Inspireras av Pinchos kollektion av arbetskläder

Playful and unique.

We take care of Pichos bespoke workwear. From the shoes to the playful details that make the concept unique.

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Inspireras av Rustas kollektion av arbetskläder

Clear, Updated, and Comfortable.

For Rusta, we have developed a collection in flexible materials that clearly represent the brand.

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Inspireras av Nordic Wellness kollektion av arbetskläder
Nordic Wellness

Full of energy and activity.

We enhance the Nordic Wellness brand.

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Inspireras av Rastas kollektion av arbetskläder

High Comfort and Brand Exposure.

We create a more comfortable workday for Rasta's employees.

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Inspireras av Välkommen In!:s kollektion av arbetskläder
Välkommen in

Clear vision.

We take care of Välkommen In's workwear by conveying their personality and brand.

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Inspireras av Preem's kollektion av arbetskläder

Functionality with a Modern Impression.

We have developed Preem's workwear with a strong focus on functionality.

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Inspireras av ÖoB's kollektion av arbetskläder

Functionality with a focus on visible details

We assist ÖoB in conveying its graphic profile while creating comfortable clothing for the entire workday.

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Inspireras av Dollarstore´s kollektion av arbetskläder

Updated design with exclusive logo.

Dollarstore's workwear comes with new innovative ideas, improved materials, and a focus on functionality.

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