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Profiled clothing from head to toe.

Profiled clothing is perfect for everyday use in the workplace. It creates a professional impression that makes the customer feel secure. With extensive experience in printed clothing, we can assist you in developing prints on clothes according to your preferences. We can profile work pants, aprons, chef jackets, hats and caps, polo shirts, jackets, and sweaters, among other items. Feel free to send an inquiry about profiled clothing, and we will get back to you shortly.

Profiltryckta arbetskläder

Strengthen Your Brand with Branded Workwear.

We have extensive experience in developing entire collections of workwear that are comfortable for employees while exuding elegance and professionalism. Strengthen your brand with our expertise in branded workwear. Here you can see a selection of customers who have chosen us as their supplier of workwear. Button text: See our case studies.

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Butikskläder med eget tryck

Store Clothing.

Store clothing with your own print creates a positive experience for the customer, leaving a good impression when they shop in your store. We offer printing and embroidery on all workwear at competitive prices.

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Hantverkskläder med eget tryck

Craftsman Clothing.

To make a positive impression on the customers you visit, we recommend imprinting your logo on your craftsman clothing. We can assist you in selecting the right garments for your needs and handle the printing process.

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Kökskläder med eget tryck

Kitchen Clothing.

Printed or embroidered kitchen clothing makes a positive impression on the guests. To meet your needs, we can assist you in choosing the right garments for your tasks and then either embroider or print the clothes.

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Vårdkläder med eget tryck

Medical Clothing.

We can assist you throughout the entire process of developing healthcare garments tailored to your needs, including logo printing and delivery. With extensive experience in medical clothing, we can also support you in the decision-making process during procurement.

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Serveringskläder med logo

Servering Clothing.

To create a positive experience for guests at your restaurant, we can assist you with your clothing purchase. We support you throughout the process, from designing clothes according to your needs to printing and delivering the garments directly to your door.

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Varselkläder med eget tryck

High-visibility clothing.

Printed or embroidered high-visibility clothing gives a serious impression to the customer. We can assist you throughout the entire process, from purchasing the garments to printing and delivery.

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Advantages of Printed Workwear

Investing in printed workwear is a smart way to create a unified and professional work environment while strengthening corporate identity.

Here's why this choice can be advantageous:

Corporate Identity and Professionalism

Workwear with the company's logo creates a unified and professional appearance, strengthening the company's identity and providing a common platform for the entire workforce.

Advertising and Marketing

Printed workwear acts as effective advertising pillars by turning your employees into living ambassadors for the company. This increases brand awareness and creates a cost-effective marketing strategy.

Team Spirit and Uniformity

Uniforms enhance team spirit and create a sense of camaraderie among employees. This can foster a positive work environment and increase cohesion within the organization.

Professionalism and Safety

Printed workwear can be part of the company's safety measures by clearly identifying personnel. It also enhances overall safety through industry-specific clothing.

Customer Relations and Trust

Visible workwear makes your employees more accessible, thereby increasing customer trust. It creates an open and transparent atmosphere that can foster long-term relationships.

In summary, printed workwear is a strategic investment that benefits both the internal cohesion of the company and its externally perceived brand identity.

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