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Feel good at work.

Maybe you have a job where you sit and work or you maybe stand and work the whole day. No matter what your situation is you need the right type of ergonomic work tools, working conditions, mats, clothes, shoes and surroundings to have the opportunity to feel good at work. At Tingstad you will find the right equipment. A work environment with the right equipment and tools is a good base for feeling good at work.

Learn about ergonomics.

Reviewing and working with ergonomics in working enviroments is important! Here are just some of the reasones why you should work with ergonomics: 

  • Minimize the risk of various types of injuries, both physical and mental
  • Preventing stress
  • Provide the conditions for a social workplace

Humans are affected by both our physical work environment and by the psychosocial work environment, ie how we stand or sit, how the light, the temperature and the sound image look and how we feel, how the stress load and conflicts at work are handled to name a few factors.



Stand as often as possible. The body does not feel good about sitting all day. If you stand up on a working day, you can double your energy consumption compared to if you are sitting. Sitting down all day also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. It is good to get up after lunch so that the lungs and digestive organs have room to function unhindered. If you sit down, the abdominal pressure can affect the work of the internal organs. If you stand up and work, you get stronger muscles and skeletons, better balance and also a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.


ma-bra-pa-jobbet-sitt-pa-ratt-satt.jpgHOW TO SIT AT A COMPUTER

  • Sit straight in the back with lowered shoulders. With the chest.
  • Hold your head high and pull in your chin.
  • Let your elbows rest against your body so that they work close to your body.
  • Hold 90 degrees in the elbow joint, knee joint and hip joint so that the blood can circulate freely.
  • Don't sit with one leg over the other.
  • Take breaks every now and then and stretch or move on. Take care to stretch your wrists, shoulders, arms, neck and back.
  • The seat you sit on should have a seating area that is spacious and an adjustable seat cushion.
  • The backrest should support the entire back and follow the lumbar region.
  • You should be able to reach the floor with both feet.


ma-bra-pa-jobbet-stå-pa-ratt-satt.jpgHOW TO WORK STANDING UP

  • Stand with straight back near the desk.
  • Have the weight distributed evenly over both feet.
  • Have 90 degree incline in the elbow joint so as not to burden the neck muscles.
  • Shoes with built-up soles make the body more comfortable for the whole body. Avoid high heels and flat soles.
  • A relief mat relieves your feet, knees, hips and back.



  • Do you talk a lot on the phone - use headset.
  • Your computer screen should be free from flicker, reflections and mirrors and have clear contrast and sharpness.
  • Have writing and keyboard at a height that keeps your shoulders down and relaxed.
  • Keep a distance of 50 cm between eyes and screen.
Many professionals have dangerously poor fitness.

The condition of every other Swedish in working age is so low that it is hazardous to health, i.e. what is needed to be able to take a brisk walk for ten minutes without having to rest. This is according to a study done at the Swedish Gymnastics and Sports School in Stockholm based on health data from 350,000 Swedes aged 18-74 years, presented in the autumn of 2018.

Much of the deterioration is thought to be due to the fact that everyday exercise has decreased and that we take the car to a greater extent than before. What many people need to get into everyday life is everyday exercise. Walking and taking the stairs is, after all, very important for our health and fitness.

Source: www.dagensmedicin.se

More movement in life.

All movement is positive. The easiest way to bring in more movement is to take stairs instead of elevator to cycle, walk or go with public transportations to work, so that you go to and from the stops. Maybe even get off at an earlier stop. Vary your posture and stand up if you have the opportunity or take a leg stretcher every half hour if you sit a lot. In a workplace with a lot of sitting, walking meetings can also be a way to move while working.

Insposida! Jobba hemifrån.

Se till att kunna hålla ljusslingor och ljusdekorationer igång när mörkret står som tätast. Med grenuttag, skarvsladdar och powercubes håller du med enkelhet igång allt det som ger ljus i höst- och vintermörkret.

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Sun-flex - ergonomics in the working day.

Sun-flex gives you a more ergonomic working day. Save on the body with standing mats, footrests and desk chairs that give you the right conditions for a working day with good ergonomic conditions.

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