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Knowledge center.

Here you will find practical tips and tricks that you can use in your business. You'll also find convenient shopping guides to help you buy products.


We are certified to ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental, and 9001: 2015 for Quality. Read more about what this means for our customers and about our environmental work.

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Förnyelsebara råvaror

Material guide: Renewable raw materials.

In our range we have several different products made from renewable raw materials. Examples of renewable materials are PLA (from corn starch / sugar cane), paper (from trees), and bagasse (sugar cane fibers). Learn more about the different materials in our guide.

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Materialguide: Plast

Materialguide: Plastic.

Our product range includes products made of PET, PS, PP, PVC, etc. Everyone has the different characteristics and in our plastic guide you can learn the different materials and learn what material is right for your products.

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Materialguide: Övriga material.

Other materials.

Read more about our other materials, such as Aluminum. We will help you find out if the material can be used in the oven or microwave oven and if the material can be recycled, etc.

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The Paper Cup.

Learn more about one of our best-selling products: the paper cup. Here you will get info on how a paper cup is structured, what environmental friendly alternatives are available and current news from the industry.

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The Plastic Bag.

Is it bad for our environment or has it received an unnecessary bad reputation? The views are mixed. Here we aim to present interesting information to add to the debate.


Recycling Guide.

Many containers contain valuable materials which we through recycling can save both raw materials and energy. Here you can read more on how to recycle different materials.

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Swedes drink among the highest amount of coffee in the world. Today it exist a large variety of flavours and coffee-drinks. Get to know more about our different labels, how you maximize the taste of your coffee, which cup that is suitable to what drink and coffee trends.

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Feel good at work.

Maybe you have a job where you sit down alot or maybe you spend your working days standing and walking. Whichever you need the right type of ergonomic work tools, hygienic conditions, carpets, clothes, shoes and surroundings to have the ability to be able to feel good at work. 

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Hand hygiene.

It is important to have good hygiene in the workplace to prevent bacteria from spreading. Here you can read simple tips on how to get good hygiene at your workplace.

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Allergen guidance for restaurants and cafés.

Here you will find practical tips and routines on how to manage allergies that your guests may have. Here you will find information about what obligations you have as a restaurant or a café and what you can do to manage allergies in your business.

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Start a Restaurant.

Since 1959 we have had the privilege to know both small and large companies, and seen businesses develop from idea to reality. Here we have created a page to inspire and give tips if you are planning to start your own restaurant or café.

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Food storage for restaurants.

Good routines around storage and handling of food not only reduces the risk of contamination but also increases the sustainability of your food. Here you will find practical tips and procedures on how to store food in your restaurant.

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Influence the taste of the food with the color of the napkin.

It may sound strange but our senses work together and it is sometimes said that we eat with our eyes. What color you set the table with influences both the impression of the table and how your guests experience taste and fragrances.

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Hygiene in restaurants.

Here you will find practical tips on how you can increase the hygiene in your restaurant. 

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Lables and stamps.

Your brand is your most important asset, and there is a lot to gain if you expose it in the right way. To brand your products through print can involve major investments and capital tied into the products. We can offer two smart opportunities to showcase your brand without tying capital or storage space.

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Första hjälpen för ögonen

First aid for eyes.

In many businesses there is an increased risk of eye injuries. In order to minimize the risk of eye damage, it is important to have eye protection equipment in place. Learn more about eye care products, how to use them and learn about tips on how to increase safety at your workplace.

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Product guide: Work gloves.

Choosing the right work gloves is not always easy. There are many different factors to consider: materials, CE markings, size but also external factors such as work task and work environment. With our gloves guide you will get information that will help you choose the right glove for the job to be done.

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Work and Safety Shoes.

We stand and walk a lot during the days without really thinking about how important our feet are. At Tingstad you will find the shoes for your particular industry. Learn more about workshoes and find shoes that make your work day easier and more comfortable.

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Product guide: Asian Food Containers.

Learn more about different types of take-away containers for Asian food. Here we created a guide of the most popular models and containers. 

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Product guide: Recycling bins and waste systems.

Here you will find information and products that will help you set up system to collect and separate your waste for both your home or your office. We give you practical tips on products and waste management systems that allow you to easily sort your waste so you can recycle more. We have products for both stylish and functional source sorting for offices, schools, restaurants etc.

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Product Guide: Fire Safety.

If accident happens, it is important to have proper fire protection equipment. But what is the right fire protection equipment? Learn more about different types of fire extinguishers, fire detectors and shop for popular fire protection products.

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Product Guide: Disposable gloves.

There are many different types of disposable gloves. Which one fits your business? In our guide you will learn more about disposable gloves.

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Product Guide: Coffee Filter.

Here you will find information about different types of coffee filters and get tips on how you find a coffee filter that fits your coffe maker.

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Envelope Guide.

Every day, lots of letters are sent, but which are the most common envelope sizes? What does H2 mean? We have created a simple envelope guide that will help you find the right envelope for what you need to send.

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Guide: Toilet Paper & Paper Towels.

In our range there are many different options of tissue paper and it can be difficult to know what you need for your business. That's why we've created this product guide to help you. Here we go through different qualities, product types and for comparisons between different manufacturers.

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Product Guide: Paper and Paper Sizes.

Learn more about different types of paper, paper thickness s and the paper sizes available on the market today.

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Product Guide: Pens.

Shopping for pens is not always easy. There are many different pen types to keep track on. On this page we will give you information about different types of pens and popular brands.

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Product guide: Price Guns.

Here you can learn more about price guns. We have several different models and here you will find information about the different models as well as how to easily change the label roll and color cartridge. 

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Storleksguide för Gastronorm

Size guide for Gastronorm.

What does gastronorm mean and what gastronorm sizes do you need Read our size guide for gastronorm and learn more about the measurement system and how to use canteens and gastroforms in your workplace.

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Different types of trash bags.

In our range you will find a wide range of trash bags, bin liners bags and accessories that facilitate your waste management. Learn more about different types of bag bags and when to use them.

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Välj rätt dokumentförstörare

Select the right paper shredder.

There are many paper shredders to choose from and it can be difficult to determine which product suits you and your business. Here we will give you useful information fabout different types that can help you choose a product that suits you.

Välj rätt kvittorulle

How to pick the right receipt roll.

57x46x12? 80x80x12? It is not always easy to know which receipt roll yuo need. Therefore, we have made a guide to help you check find the roll you need.

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Select the right light source.

With us you can shop a wide range of lamps and lighting products, but it's not always easy to know which product suits you. To make your choice easier we have made a guide explaining Watt and Lumen, variants of sockets and the advantage of different types of light sources.

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Product guide: Door Mats.

Vi har sammanställt viktig information som är tänkt att underlätta valet av matta och på så sätt förenkla för er som kund att välja rätt produkter.

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Choose the right trolley.

In our range you will find several different carts that meet different types of needs in the workplace. To make it easier for you to find a carriage that suits you and your business, we have put together a simple guide below.

Product Guide: Tableware.

In our range you will find several different types of china like hard-paste porcelain, bone china and stoneware. But what are the differences and benefits of the different materials? Below we will review some different facts about the various porcelain materials so that you get more information about the type that suits your business best.

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Choose the right beer glass.

There are many different types of beer, all of which have different tastes, aromas and character. To get the most out of the experience, you can choose a beer glass that helps elevate the drink. Below we will go through different types of beer glasses and what kinds of beer they fit. 

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Here you can learn more about dishwashing. Below you will find a complete guide of the dishwashing process, dishwashing equipment, restaurant dishwashers and different factors that effect the dishwashing performance. By knowing how to properly wash, you can get better dishwashing results while reducing the consumption of chemicals, water and energy.

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Furniture / Textiles.

Furniture and textiles can attract dust particles and may also suffer from occasional stains and marks, especially in public environments such as in the waiting room at a desk or in a hotel lobby. By taking care of your textiles and furniture properly, they can last for a long time.

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Cleaning the deep fryer.

Here you will find useful tips on how to clean your deep fryer. You will also find tips on products that are good for use when cleaning and maintaing your deep fryer.

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Rengöring av grill

Cleaning and maintaining your grill.

By taking care of your grill, you can make sure the life of the grill is prolonged and the food does not taste like old dirt. Read our best practices on how to best take care of your grill.

How to clean your desk.

Get practical tips on how to clean your desk and work space. We have the tips and products here at Tingstad.

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Cleaning of griddles and grill surfaces.

We give you some tips on cleaning products, products and methods for cleaning griddles and grill surfaces.

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Cleaning of mirrors.

Mirrors in the workplace gets quickly dirty, but with the right cleaning materials and proper method its easy to get a them shiny again. Here you will find information on how to effectively clean your mirrors.

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Cleaning of workstations in commercial kitchens.

Here you will find useful tips on how to keep up the hygiene at your workstations in the kitchens. You'll also find tips on practical products that will help you keep your kitchen clean.

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Washing windows.

Windows are exposed to rain, snow, exhaust gases and other pollutants and can quickly get dirty. Thankfully, they are easy to get nice and clean right tools, chemicals and technique. Read our simple tips on how to get clean windows.

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How to clean a whiteboard.

We give you tips on how to easily and quickly clean your whiteboard. We have both the tips and the products that make your whiteboard look new!

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Skötselråd för bestick.

För att dina bestick ska hålla sig rena och fräscha i många år framöver så behöver de skötas om. Här får du praktiska tips på hur du förlänger livslängden på dina bestick.

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Taking care of the glassware.

With the right care your glasses will stay bright and shiny longer.

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Skötselråd för porslin

Care of porcelain.

To keep your porcelain in the restaurant in top condition, you can use our simple care tips.

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Washing and ironing tips.

Here you get practical tips on how to wash more sustainable, information on washing instructions and ironing tips.

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Guide: Vågar.

Guide: Scales.

Learn more about different types of scales and what you should take into account when buying scales for your business.

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