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How to clean a whiteboard.

We give you tips on how to easily and quickly clean your whiteboard. We have both the tips and the products that make your whiteboard look new!

Whiteboard is a great, effective and versatile tool that can be used in offices, schools and businesses. The whiteboard offers a white surface where you can write up ideas, explanations, drawings, lists, schedules etc. But what to do if your whiteboard is no longer clean and white?

After a period of use, whiteboards can often look dirty with previous written messages in the background. Cleaning a whiteboard is a simple and inexpensive process. With a little work you can make your whiteboard clean and fresh.

Below we give you some practical tips on how to best handle and clean your whiteboard.

How to clean your whiteboard

rengöra whiteboard med rengöringsduk
Cleaning method 1

Water and a cleaning cloth

The easiest way to clean your whiteboard is by follow these easy steps:

  • Take a clean cloth
  • Dip it in lukewarm water and wipe off the whiteboard
  • Then wipe the surface with a clean, dry cloth

After cleaning, wait at least 15 minutes before using the whiteboard again. You can use this cleaning method every day. If you have tougher stains we recommend cleaning method 2, see below.

Cleaning method 2

Whiteboard Cleaner

For tougher stains that do not go away when using water and a soft cloth, we recommend using special whiteboard cleaners. In our range you will find whiteboard cleaners from Esselte. Their cleaning spray is for deep cleaning of whiteboards and effectively removes tough stains, paint and ink. It is very easy to use:

  • Spray on whiteboard cleaner on the whiteboard
  • Wipe off the whiteboard with a paper towel

Tips to keep your whiteboard fresh and clean for longer

Here we list some general tips that will keep your whiteboard clean and fresh longer:


When you buy a whiteboard, you will often receive maintenance instructions from the manufacturer. The maintenance instructions are designed to keep the whiteboard clean and fresh throughout its life. If you have access to the maintenance instructions, they are a good step one to take before proceeding with other methods.


You should not let text stay on to long on your whiteboard. Always try to wipe you white board after each use. A good tool for this is the felt dry eraser. Over time, the eraser may become dry and leave marks behind when used. When you discover this, it's time to replace it. In our range you will find both erasers and refills.


Always use good quality whiteboard pens. Poor quality whiteboard pens can easily leave stains and grease on the whiteboard. If you have good quality whiteboard pens it is good to replace them regularly.

Also make sure you have whiteboard pens near the board. It reduces the risk of someone choosing the wrong type of pen, like permanent markers.


If you used a permanent marker on your whiteboard you can use this simple trick. Take a whiteboard pen and draw over what you wrote with the permanent marker. Then remove and wash according to previous cleaning methods. 

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