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At Tingstad.com, you will find a wide selection of glassware for restaurants, cafes, or home use. We have wine glasses, champagne glasses, beer glasses, whiskey glasses, and more from well-known brands such as Arcoroc, Libbey, Rastal, Schott Zwiesel, Spiegelau, and more. Our glassware is suitable for both everyday and special occasions, and you can find them in different sizes and designs to meet your needs. In addition to individual glasses, we also sell complete glass sets for those who want a consistent style on their table setting. Check out our range of glassware and find the perfect glasses for your business or home.


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Vård och skötsel av restaurangglas

Care of glass

The glassware in bars and restaurants are used frequently and is a big part of the customer experience. Therefore, it is extra important to take good care of your glasses so that they retain their luster and clarity.

If you have a professional machine shopping system, we highly recommend our Tingstad Dishservice. Our skillful dish technicians can help you get the best possible dish result to the best price the market has to offer. 

There are several different methods for getting your glasses shiny clean and below we will give you some tips on how to take care of your glasses in order to enhance the experience for your customers.


Most glasses can be washed in the dishwasher. But be extra careful when it comes to wine glasses. More expensive wine glasses made of crystal, handmade or wine glasses with edges of should always be hand washed. 

Here are some tips when it comes to dish glassware in the dishwasher:

  • Place the wine glass so that they do not touch each other or anything else in the dishwasher. This reduces the risk of breaking of edges and cracks on the wine glasses
  • Run a program with relatively low temperatures
  • You can also run a rinsing program after completing the dish program

To see our range of dishwasher detergents - Click here.

When washing in a zink, we have the following recommendations:

  • Wash one glass at a time
  • Start by removing stains from eg. lipstick using household paper
  • Use warm water and a good detergent. Hot water is effective against grease stains such as fingerprints, lipsticks, etc.
  • Rinse the glass after with cold water
  • Place the glass on a dish rack to air dry

To see our range of Liquid Dish Detergent - Click here.


By wiping the glasses after washing, you can remove lime stains and anything else that can destroy the customer's impressions. We recommend that you dry your glass after washing, either using a microfiber cloth or by using lint-free paper so that you do not repair the surface of the glass.

When you want to wrap wine, it's good to know that wine glasses are the weakest at two points: the bracket between the foot and the stalk and between the coup and the stalk. Therefore, to avoid breaking your wine glasses, do not keep your feet and cups at the same time.



Professionell diskservice för restaurang, hotell, cafe och dagligvaruhandel

Professional dishservice.

We have long experience in delivering dishservice to restaurants, hotels and companies. We install and get you started, ensuring that everything works in the best possible way. You can expect to get the right dosage, the best dish result, service control and Eco-friendly products. Learn more about how we can facilitate your working day.

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