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Table Covers.

Choose your tablecloth with care from our large assortment. The right tablecloth does not only protect the surface of the table but also contributes to giving your guests a nice dining experience. Our assortment contains everything from simple tablecloths on a roll to more exclusive alternatives.


Create an elegant table setting with the right accessories

A well-thought-out table setting can elevate the experience for your guests at a restaurant or event. In addition to tablecloths in different materials and colors, there are also other accessories that can help create the right ambiance.

In this guide, we'll go through five different products that can give your table setting that little extra: table runners, placemats, tablecloths on a roll, table skirts, and napkins with corners.

We'll describe what they are, how they can be used, and what benefits they can provide for your business. Let's take a look at these accessories and see how they can contribute to an elegant table setting.

Table runners

A table runner is a narrow cloth used to decorate and protect the surface of a table. It is usually placed along the middle of the table and can be used together with a larger tablecloth or alone. Table runners come in different colors, patterns, and materials, and can be used to provide extra decoration to a table without overcrowding it.


  • Provides extra decoration to the table
  • Protects the table from spills and stains
  • Can be used together with other tablecloths or alone for different effects


Placemats are smaller cloths placed under plates and other serving utensils on the table. They are usually made of materials such as paper, fabric, or plastic, and come in different shapes, colors, and patterns. Placemats are used to protect the table from spills and stains and can also be used as a decorative detail on the table.


  • Protects the table from spills and stains
  • Provides extra decoration to the table
  • Easy to clean and replace

Tablecloths on a roll

Tablecloths on a roll are long cloths that come on a roll. They are often made of paper or plastic and used as a disposable cloth. Tablecloths on a roll are often used at larger events or parties where there are many guests to serve. They are easy to use and replace between each guest.


  • Easy to use and replace
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for larger events or parties

Table skirts

A table skirt is a decorative detail placed around a table, just below the table top. The table skirt is usually made of a different material than the tablecloth itself and can be decorated with different patterns or colors. Table skirts are used to hide the legs of the table and create a more elegant look.


  • Creates a more elegant look on the table
  • Hides the legs of the table for a more neat and uniform look
  • Can be decorated with different patterns and colors to fit different interiors

Napkins with sugar cane packing.

News in our range is natural brown napkins that comes in a package made of sugar cane. Available in 3 different sizes, they are made from certified materials and have they EU Ecolabel. 

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What’s trendy!?

Todays urban population searches for restaurants, hotels and cafés with a homely feel were they can relax and recharge their batteries. Create a comfortable atmosphere with soothing colours, materials textiles and discrete patterns. Suitable products ranges from our assortment are Duni Linus, Duni Linnea, Towel Napkins, Stil and Stil Rustik.

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