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Guide: Asian Food Containers.

Learn more about different types of take-away containers for Asian food. Here we created a guide of the most popular models and containers.


Noodle boxes, or take-away boxes, are a popular product in Asian restaurants that suits many different types of dishes such as noodles, wok, salads and more. What characterizes a noodle box is that they can easily be opened and closed with the flaps on the top of the container. They are also easy to eat from with chopsticks.

There are two different types of Noodle boxes:

  • Round boxes
  • Rectangular boxes

Noodle boxes can easily be closed so that the food don’t spill from the box during transport. The containers come in many different sizes - from 45 cl up to 200 cl. This allows you to find a container that suits all types of dishes - everything from small dishes to larger main courses.

Our noodle boxes are available in two materials - bamboo or paperboard with PE coating. Our bamboo containers comes in a natural inspired pattern and our paperboard boxes in cardboard comes in both natural in brown and white design or with white boxes with print - "Great food from Asia".

+ Available in different sizes and colors

+ Materials can be recycled


Sushi containers are products that are designed to suit take-away of sushi, both pieces and rolls. Sushi containers is a great alternative when you what to present your food in the best way possible. It also protects the food during transport. Sushi containers are perfect for fine dining sushi restaurant as they give the customer a more exclusive feeling compared to other take away containers like foam containers.  

Our Sushi containers are available in several different sizes that are adapted to fit serving from 4 pieces up to 20 pieces of sushi. How many pieces you can fit in one form depends on how big the pieces are, but in our categories, we have recommendations based on average piece size. We also have Bento boxes with 5 compartments to suit small dishes and larger sushi dishes and for serving larger sushi orders.

Sushi containers are mainly made from two materials - bagasse and PS plastic. Bagasse is a natural fibre material made from plant fibre and is a 100% renewable raw material. PS and OPS is a common plastic that is cheap to manufacture. The advantage of PS products is that they have a low price and are available in colours presents the food in a nice way.

plus.jpg  Available in several different sizes

plus.jpg  Available in several materials and colors

plus.jpg  Bagasse forms can be recycled


Soup cups and bowls are round boxes designed for serving hot dishes such as pasta, soup, wok etc. The containers and lids are delivered together in the same package. On top of the lid are two small holes for ventilation which reduces condensation.

Our soup cups and bowls are available in three sizes 35 cl, 45 cl and 96 cl.

Soup cups and bowls are available in two different materials - bamboo or paperboard with PE coating. Our bamboo cups come in a natural inspired pattern and paperboard boxes are available in brown and white. Both packaging materials can be recycled as paper packaging.

plus.jpg  Available in three sizes

plus.jpg  Available in both neutral and natural inspired designs

plus.jpg  The materials can be recycled


Microwavable Containers are the common name for containers that can withstand high temperatures. Microwavable Containers are often made of PP plastic (Polypropylene / Polypropylene). PP plastic can be used in temperatures between -18 ° C to + 130 ° C, which means that they can be heated in a microwave oven.

Microwavable Containers are available in several different models. For Asian food, Japanese red and black containers are popular because Asian dishes displays nicely with the colors black and red. Many microwavable containers are available as bento boxes with compartments, which makes it easier for you to serve small dishes.

Our most popular containers are from the series Premium. The Premium series is stackable and comes in several sizes - 500ml, 650ml, 750ml, 950ml and two compartment model (375ml + 375ml). What distinguishes the different sizes is the height of the containers, which means that you can use the same lid for all the different container sizes. The Premium series is available in two colors - black and transparent.

plus.jpg  Withstands heat up to + 130°C

plus.jpg  Available in several different sizes and models

plus.jpg  Premium can be stacked

plus.jpg  The materials can be recycled

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