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Hygiene in restaurants.

Here you will find practical tips on how you can increase the hygiene in your restaurant.

In kitchens and restaurant environments, it is very important to have good hygiene. With good hygiene in the kitchen, you reduce the risk of spreading harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. This reduces the risk of food poisoning. By handling your food hygienically, your food will last longer which reduces food waste. Foods that get contaminated by bacteria, parasites or viruses must be discarded. Therefore, there is financial and environmental interests in keeping a good hygiene in your restaurant.

In Sweden, it is the municipal food control that controls and ensures the restaurants' hygiene. This is done in order to prevent guests from getting sick of the food served in the restaurants. Their controls include checking that food is stored at the right temperature, that there are clear cleaning routines, that there are good handwashing facilities for the staff, etc.

There are several things that you can do in your restaurant to increase hygiene and food safety. Below, we have listed some useful tips from our food and pest techniques that you can take with you to your business.


  • Clean you dishwasher, so that the clean dishes do not get dirty
  • Work wear should be used and stored in the workplace to minimize the spread of contaminants and infections
  • Mobile phones are dirty, wash your hands after handling it
  • Disposable gloves are used to protect the food and not your hands
  • Prevent uninvited guests with preventive pest protection
  • Always label your products when storing them to prevent allergic reactions
  • Weekly cleaning schedule helps to prevent spread of bacterias
  • Your restaurant must be able to informe about which allergens your food contains
  • Color coding of cutting boards reduces the risk of cross contamination
  • Do not cook food for others when you are ill
  • The hands should be thoroughly cleaned to minimize the spread of infection

Products that increase the hygiene

Rengöringsmedel för köket

Cleaning agents for the kitchen.

Careful cleaning of work surfaces and kitchen tools is crucial for creating a hygienic kitchen environment. We have cleaning agents adapted for professional kitchen environments.

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LabelFresh etiketter

Label your foods.

With LabelFresh labels you can easily keep track of your food products in the kitchen.

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Keep the pests away.

Shop for products that keep the pests away. In our range you will find products that will effectively help you create a more hygienic kitchen environment.

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Tvål och handdesinfektion

Wash your hands.

Clean hands are very important when handling food or cooking. In our range you will find several different soap and hand disinfection products that help you keep bacteria away.

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Kontrollera temperaturen

Check the temperature.

In order to prevent bacteria from spreading, it is important to serve and store food at the right temperatures. With good measuring instruments it gets a lot easier.

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Restaurant Clothes.

Workwear must be used and stored in the workplace to minimize the risk contaminant and spread of infections. We offer a wide range of workwear for restaurants. We have workwear for both kitchen staff and serving staff.

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SmartMate by Tingstad®

SmartMate by Tingstad.

SmartMate, smart services for you who handle food. The app helps you keep track of your business with digital temperature control and self-control – for a safe and secure legal compliance. SmartMate is a smart and user-friendly app that helps you minimize the risk of product losses. You can subscribe to one or more services within the app. Completely without binding times. Digital, mobile and efficient!

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Keeps everything in place.

Storage solutions from Smartstore helps you to keep everything in place. The assortment includes products that helps you to store a wide range of items including foodstuff.

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Author: Tingstad

Last Updated: 2023-12-07


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