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Cleaning of griddles and grills.

Here you will find useful tips on how to clean grill surfaces and griddles. You will also find tips on cleaning products and accessories that are great when cleaning.

POPULAR CATEGORIES in Cleaning of griddles and grills

Griddles and cooking surfaces are the heart of a commercial kitchen. It is important to clean and maintain your grills and griddles regularly. When cooking; fat, liquids and other food debris will stick to the surface. If not cleaned this will transform into to a hard substance which can be difficult to remove. This substance can affect the ability to transfer heat evenly and it can also cause flavours to be transferred between different food. It is especially important if you use the same cooking surface to cook different types of food.

Because there are many different types of grills and griddles, we will give you some general tips and guidelines that you can follow. Below we will review which cleaning tools are good to have in the kitchen and some simple methods for cleaning grills and griddles.


Regular cleaning of the griddle can be done by scrapping the surface with a grill scraper while the surface is warm between each use.

For proper cleaning of griddles, we recommend the following steps at the end of each day.

1. Turn off the heat

2. Apply griddle cleaner to the surface

3. Scrub the surface using a griddle pad, grid net or a cleaning sponge

4. Rinse with water

5. Scrape of water from the surface using a scraper

6. Dry with a lint-free wiping paper

After cleaning you can apply cooking oil to the surface to prevent rust.


Follow the steps below to clean the dirt and grease coatings in grills and grill grills.

1. Make sure the surface temperature is below 80° C (recommended temperature is around 60-80° C)

2. Spray detergent in concentrate directly on the surface to be cleaned

3. Leave 5-30 minutes depending on the degree of dirt

4. Work over the surface with a brush or a scraper to dissolve dirt

5. Rinse with warm water and allow to air dry


In our range you will find everything you need in for cleaning of griddles and grills. Before you begin cleaning, we recommend that you have the following products available:

  • Grill Scraper
  • Griddle Cleaner
  • Griddle Pad with griddle pad holder
  • Options: Griddle net
  • Scraper
  • Wiping Paper

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