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First Aid.

Be sure to be well prepared and equipped with the right products if an ascendant were to happen. Tingstad has gathered a large assortment of first aid. In our line of first aid products you will find eye rinses, plasters, wound cleansing products, signs, bloodstoppers, first aid stations in several different sizes, blankets, pillows and much more.

First Aid for your eyes.

In many businesses there is an increased risk of eye injuries. Examples of such workplaces are kitchens in restaurants, workshops and industrial premises, construction sites, laboratories, cleaning companies etc.

In order to minimize the risk of eye injuries, it is important to have eye protection equipment sush as eye wash stations at your workplace. Below we will give you more information on how to use eye wash, different eye wash products and give you general tips on how to increase safety at your workplace.



1. Start rinsing the eye immediately. The effect is greatest during the first seconds. 

2. Rinse generously. The eye must be open while rinsing. 

3. Rinse for a long time. Rinse for at least 15 minutes after being exposed to corrosive substances. Use several bottles or continue rinsing at a plumbed-in eye wash unit. Seek medical attention, bring several bottles of eye wash for continued rinsing on the way to the hospital.


In workplaces, it is mainly two substances that cause the greatest risk of eye injuries: alkaline substances and acids. Eyes have a neutral pH value (pH 7) and what happens when alkalis or acids get into the eyes is that the pH of the eye changes and corrosion begins.

To counteract this process, eye wash is used to rinse off the corrosive substances and restore the pH in the eye. By using a buffered eye wash the natural pH value of the eye is restored more quickly and effectively than with normal sodium chloride solution.

Here are some examples of alkalis:

  • Ammonia
  • Cement
  • Lye
  • Dishwasher detergents
  • Sodium carbonate

Here are some examples of acids:

  • Sulfuric acid (battery acid)
  • Phosphoric acid
  • Hydrochloric acid

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