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Toilet and tissue paper.

We offer a wide range of toilet paper and paper towels for both businesses and home use. Whether you are looking for soft and gentle toilet paper for your home, large rolls for a public restroom, or durable paper towels for your business, we have options that fit your needs. Our range includes various types of paper, sizes, and packaging so you can choose a solution that suits your business. We have both regular and jumbo rolls for toilet paper, as well as various types of paper towels such as hand towels, hand roll towels, and industrial roll towels. We offer popular products from leading manufacturers such as Tork and Katrin at competitive prices. We also offer many environmentally friendly alternatives made from recycled or FSC-certified paper, or with some form of environmental labeling such as Svanen or EU Ecolabel. Order toilet paper and paper towels from us today at competitive prices and receive fast delivery.


Product guide: Wiping Paper & Toiletpaper.

Tissue paper is one of Tingstad's largest product areas. Tissue paper, which includes both toilet paper and tissue paper, is a necessary part of most businesses. It is used by staff, customers and guests alike and is part of their visitor experience.

Since tissue paper is used daily in large quantities, it is important that you use the right kind of paper that is adapted to you and your business.

In our range there are several different options with different functions to choose from. To make it easier for you, we will go through different types of tissue paper, quality levels and the different options to choose from below.

Kvalitetsnivåer på torkpapper och toalettpapper


In our assortment of tissue paper and toilet paper, you will find tissues from three major brands: Tork, Katrin and our own brand Tingstad.

Tork and Katrin are market-leading manufacturers in the industry and with a high probability it is a dispenser from one of them that you have installed on the wall.

In drying and toilet paper, there are basically three quality levels:

  • Lowest quality level: Tork Universal, Katrin Basic and Tingstad Basic
  • Intermediate level: Tork Advanced, Katrin Classic and Tingstad Comfort
  • Highest quality level: Tork Premium, Katrin Plus and Tingstad Exclusive

What is the difference between the different levels?

Lowest quality level = Is paper adapted for easier use. This type of paper fulfills the basic needs for paper and is suitable for public hygiene spaces and drying in industrial environments.

Intermediate level = At ​​this level you will find paper with good characteristics in terms of quality and function. The products are suitable for everyday use in both public and industrial environments.

Highest quality level = Is high quality paper with very good absorbency. Using this type of paper is usually best for the environment because less paper is used. The papers in this segment are soft and gentle on the skin and are suitable for businesses where the extra sense of quality must reach the customer.

Which quality you choose is up to you. It is important to choose a paper that meets the expectations that you and your customers have for the paper.


The focus on the environment and environment-related matters is becoming more and more important. As tissue paper is often used in large quantities, the choice of tissue paper becomes an important environmental issue. What you can do as a business owner is to choose a paper that has an environmental label or that is made from recycled material.

In our range, you will find products that are eco-labeled with the Swan and EU Ecolabel. We also have options made from certified raw materials or made from recycled material.

You can easily find more environmentally friendly tissues by using our filter function.


Centrefeed rolls, also known as hand dryer rolls, are used for quick and easy wiping. The drying rolls have no core, but the paper is pulled from the center of the drying roll. There are two sizes to choose from:

Tork's variant is called Tork M1 and are either 20.5 cm or 21.5 cm wide and they have a diameter of 14 cm.

Katrin calls its smaller size Katrin S and those rolls are 20.5 cm wide and have a diameter of 13.5 cm.

We call Tingstad's smallest drying roll Mini and they fit together with Tork and Katrin dispensers.

Tork's medium size is called Tork M2 and they are from 20.5 cm wide to 24.5 cm and have a diameter of 19 cm.

Katrin's counterpart is called Katrin M and is 20.5 cm wide and has a diameter of 19 cm.

Tingstad's variant is called Midi and they fit Tork and Katrin's dispensers.

With us, you can buy dispensers that fit your dryer rolls. We have several options to choose from, both options that you put on the wall and for floor stands that you can easily move around. Everything to suit your needs. You can find our dispensers by clicking here.


Here with us, you will find two different types of toilet paper: small and large toilet rolls. By small toilet rolls, we mean traditional consumer rolls that we usually have at home. This type of toilet paper is suitable for most businesses and is easy and practical to use.

Among large toilet rolls, you will find larger system rolls that are used together with dispenser systems. The most used systems on the market come from Tork and Katrin.

Katrin has three different sizes:

  • Katrin S (Small): 19 cm in diameter and 10 cm wide
  • Katrin M (Medium): 24 cm in diameter and 10 cm wide
  • Katrin L (Large): 27.5 cm in diameter and 10 cm wide

Tork has two sizes:

  • Tork T2 (Small): 19 cm in diameter and 10 cm wide
  • Tork T1 (Large): 26 cm in diameter and 10 cm wide

Tingstad's toilet rolls are also available in two variants:

  • Mini (Small): 18 cm in diameter and 10 cm wide
  • Midi (Large): 26 cm in diameter and 10 cm wide

Most papers from the different manufacturers fit in each other's dispensers as long as you stick to the same size and system. For example, a Tork T2 (Small) paper can be used in a Katrin dispenser S and vice versa.

If you feel unsure, you can always click on the respective paper and dispenser and see among the options which paper fits the product.

Our softest range.

In our range of tissue paper you will find products for all industries and applications.

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We are certified to ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental, and 9001: 2015 for Quality. Read more about what this means for our customers and about our environmental work.

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