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Cleaning and hygiene.

Under Cleaning & Hygiene you will find a wide selection of cleaning and hygiene products such as detergents, cleaning equipment, bin bags, toilet paper, tissue paper, soap etc. We have products for all businesses from cleaning companies, restaurants and hotels. We offer products from well-known brands at competitive prices. If you are on the look out for affordable products we also offer our own Tingstad brand. Discover our assortment to see what we can offer you.

Let lights and plants in!

Clean out the Christmas and start off the new year with new lighting and plants to help the light and the green on the trail. Add new carpets and you get at whole from floor to roof, to kick off the new year with.

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Service: Fire safety.

Fire safety is a security. In our fire safety program, we perform fire safety inspections, service and repairs on your company's fire extinguisher. We can carry out recharging and inspections of powder extinguishers, foam extinguishers and carbon dioxide extinguishers. The inspections are carried out in accordance with the industry's guidelines and intervals.


Products against pests.

Here you will find pest control for uninvited guests who, unfortunately, sometimes find their way into our business. These small animals can cause property damage, discomfort or disease risks. Whether it is small flies, wasps, mice, rats or other pests, we have the products that help you catch and keep the pests away.

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Clean and soft hands.

It is always important to have good hand hygiene. It has become extra important in the time we live in now. But a lot of hand washing also dries out the hands. Make sure you have good and nurturing products at hand so you can keep your hands both clean and soft.

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Cleaning tips and guides

Care for the floors!

With us, you can learn more about floor care and get product tips based on that floor to be springed and also know what you should avoid and how you can think about floor care during annual different seasons. Which products are available at what times of the year? Here on our page for floor care you can learn more.

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Here you can learn more about dishwashing. Below you will find a complete guide of the dishwashing process, dishwashing equipment, restaurant dishwashers and different factors that effect the dishwashing performance. By knowing how to properly wash, you can get better dishwashing results while reducing the consumption of chemicals, water and energy.

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Furniture / Textiles.

Furniture and textiles can attract dust particles and may also suffer from occasional stains and marks, especially in public environments such as in the waiting room at a desk or in a hotel lobby. By taking care of your textiles and furniture properly, they can last for a long time.

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Cleaning the deep fryer.

Here you will find useful tips on how to clean your deep fryer. You will also find tips on products that are good for use when cleaning and maintaing your deep fryer.

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Cleaning of workstations in commercial kitchens.

Here you will find useful tips on how to keep up the hygiene at your workstations in the kitchens. You'll also find tips on practical products that will help you keep your kitchen clean.

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Cleaning of griddles and grill surfaces.

We give you some tips on cleaning products, products and methods for cleaning griddles and grill surfaces.

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Cleaning of mirrors.

Mirrors in the workplace gets quickly dirty, but with the right cleaning materials and proper method its easy to get a them shiny again. Here you will find information on how to effectively clean your mirrors.

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Skötselråd för bestick.

För att dina bestick ska hålla sig rena och fräscha i många år framöver så behöver de skötas om. Här får du praktiska tips på hur du förlänger livslängden på dina bestick.

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Skötselråd för porslin.

För att hålla ditt porslin i restaurangen i topp kan du använda våra enkla skötselråd. 

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How to clean your desk.

Get practical tips on how to clean your desk and work space. We have the tips and products here at Tingstad.

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Washing and ironing tips.

Here you get practical tips on how to wash more sustainable, information on washing instructions and ironing tips.

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Taking care of the glassware.

With the right care your glasses will stay bright and shiny longer.

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Cleaning machines for tough jobs.

Sometimes tougher grips are needed to get the right result of cleaning. Then cleaning machines are the perfect tool. In our range you will find a wide selection of different types of cleaning machines; including scrubbing machines, polishing machines, wet vacuum cleaners and steam washers.

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Product guide:

Recycling bins and waste systems.

Here you will find information and products that will help you set up system to collect and separate your waste for both your home or your office. We give you practical tips on products and waste management systems that allow you to easily sort your waste so you can recycle more. We have products for both stylish and functional source sorting for offices, schools, restaurants etc.

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