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Cleaning Chemicals.

Tingstad offers a large assortment of detergents from well-known brands as well as our own affordable brand. Our detergents are suitable for both tougher stains, re-freshening and window cleaning. We also offer a wide selection of floor care products.

Sinners circle.

Sinners circle illustrates how the factors chemistry, temperature, mechanical impact and time affect the results of your cleaning.

  1. Chemical: concentration of chemical used
  2. Temperature: Temperature affects the cleaning process (eg hot or cold water)
  3. Mechanical Impact: from cleaning machines, mopeds, etc.
  4. Time: The time it takes for the chemist to work through the dirt / stain.

If you reduce any of the parts, one or more other components need to be increased to maintain the result of your cleaning. For example; you can not reach the recommended water temperature when a surface is to be cleaned, you probably need both more time and time to clean the surface. If the machine is broken so that you need to clean in advance, the time will increase as the mechanical impact decreases, etc. There is simply no shortcut to a good cleaning result!

pH scale and cleaning.

The pH scale is graded from 0-14, where 7 is neutral. The values ​​below 6.5 are indicated as acidic, while values ​​above 7.5 are indicated as basic or alkaline. The pH scale may be helpful in cleaning, as it may say which means fits well to use for any foundation task with regard to dirt and surface.

  • Interior (eg table and furniture): Usually the dirt is not so strong, which means that neutral or easy basic detergents work best. Sometimes enough water is good enough to get rid of the stains.
  • Bathrooms & showers: Usually, a combination of acidic and alkaline / alkaline agents is used in these areas. Sura agents dissolve lime deposits, while basic agents work best to remove soap and skin deposits which are usually obese. For best final results, it's good to start cleaning with the basic agent and finish it with the sour.
  • Kitchen (eg stove and oven): Kitchen is used for cleaning products that are neutral or more or less basic. This makes it possible for solvents, fats and oil residues to be solved properly.
  • Floors (eg wood, plastic and linoleum): Dirt on the floor is usually not so hard, but usually consists of grease, which makes the most common mild detergents most suitable.

The pH is stated in the product description and / or safety data sheets for our cleaning products. Be sure to follow the instructions for possible dosing and always test the cleaning products on a small surface first to make sure that the substrate is not damaged.

Unfortunately no one is online but you can send us an email to kontakt@tingstad.se!

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