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Cleaning Equipment.

Tingstad offers many practical and flexible cleaning equipments for windows, floors and other areas. Our assortment include products such as floor mops, buckets, microfiber cloths, window scrapers, sponges, etc. We also offer a number of diffrent models of cleaning carts, cleaning machines and vacuum cleaners. If you need tips or advice about the choice of cleaning equipment and cleaning machines, do not hesitate to contact your sales representative or our customer service for further information and assistance. Make your order of cleaning tools today for great prices and good service.

Ergonomic cleaning.

Clean the right way and take care of your body.

To clean is a physical work and it is therefore important not to strain the body unnecessarily. Muscle and joint pain rarely occurs because of cleaning work. With some simple tips, you can learn how to clean properly to not wipe the body.

1. Movements: Avoid strange positions and think of your posture. When moping, the feet should move side to side to reduce the load on the upper body. Another thing to think about is to bend on the legs instead of on the back. It is also important to check up regularly to not always check the surface that is being cleaned. This to stretch and stretch your neck. It is also important to work with the cleaning tools near the body, because when the tool is moved out of the body, the load increases.

2. Cleaning tools: A good starting point is not to force the body to fit the cleaning tool, but on the contrary, adjust the cleaning tools to your body. For example, a vacuum cleaner should not be too heavy and should be comfortable to grab your hand, and hose and tube should be adjusted to your height.

3. Protective Products: Protective products such as gloves and hearing protection are important to prevent, for example, not drying out the skin or impairing hearing.

4. Training & Grid: Training builds up the body and makes it strong to handle the cleaning job. Regular exercise and physical activity are therefore good for the body, as well as taking regular breaks when cleaning so that the body gets time for recovery and rest.

Unfortunately no one is online but you can send us an email to kontakt@tingstad.se!

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