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Floor Care.

With us, you can learn more about floor care and get product tips based on that floor to be springed and also know what you should avoid and how you can think about floor care during annual different seasons. Which products are available at what times of the year? Here on our page for floor care you can learn more.

Seasonal floor care

There is no easy answer about how to think about floor care over the year. It can be very variable depending on the floor and traffic that causes wear. Regular floor care is a must to keep a floor nice over time. Policing is the most common way to care for the floors and it is usually done during slightly longer holidays such as Easter, summer or Christmas when it needs to be removed from furniture and the like to get a good result. and get a clean floor.

Spring: Regular cleaning and possible polishing of plastic and linoleum floors.

Summer: Regular cleaning and possible polishing of plastic and linoleum floors.

Autumn: Regular cleaning.

Winter: Regular cleaning and possible polishing of plastic and linoleum floors and regular cleaning.

Are there products that are suitable for different times of the year?
There are no actual rules for general floor care during the year. Tingstad's all-purpose products work optimally for regular floor care all year round. But during the winter and the following spring, it can be good to use our Grovrent products to get rid of salt and the type of dirt that often belongs to the colder season. Below you can see products that are suitable all year round and that you can use when you need them.

Products for winter and early spring

Products that are suitable all year round

Different floors require different care

Golvvård Stengolv

Stone floor

A stone floor is advantageously kept clean with a dry mop. Something that should be done several times a week. If the floor gets bitten by dirt, it can be scrubbed with water and detergent from time to time. It is important to keep in mind then that you do use a damp mop and not a wet one as some stone types and thus stone floors can absorb moisture.

What should be avoided when cleaning stone floors?

Not to use acidic agents on stone floors as it can cause stains.

Produkter för vård av stengolv

Golvvård av trägolv

Care of wooden floors

Wood is a natural material that is affected by humidity and also moves according to what the humidity looks like. During the summer, wooden floors swell to shrink in the winter, when the air is drier. The latter can show up as cracks in the wooden floor. To take the best care of your floor, you should avoid exposing it to too much water. If the floor is to be dried with a mop, it should only be damp.

What should be avoided when caring for wooden floors?

Avoid using too much water

Produkter för vård av trägolv

Golvvård av klinkergolv

Taking care of tile floor

Tile floors are easy to keep clean with vacuuming and dry mopping. Tile floors, however, have joints between the tiles and it is often the one that gets ugly the fastest and that can make the floor as a whole be perceived as stale. A mixture of vinegar and lukewarm water can be sprayed over the joint and then rubbed - gently - with a sponge or a soft toothbrush.

What should be avoided when caring for tile floors?

Oily cleaning products such as soap should be avoided as a film that collects dirt easily settles on the surface of the tiles.

Produkter för vård av klinkergolv

Vård av Heltäckningsmatta

Taking care of wall-to-wall carpets

Textile floors, such as wall-to-wall carpets, have an ability to hide dirt and particles. It is therefore important that this type of floor is vacuumed a few times a week. If something is spilled or stains the carpet, it is important to try to remove the stain immediately.

What should be avoided when caring for wall-to-wall carpet?

You should not use water on a wall-to-wall carpet. Do only use a costum machines.

Products for wall-to-wall carpets

Golvvård av Linoleumgolv

Taking care of linoleum floor

Linoleum floors are scratch-resistant and easy to maintain. As with many other types of flooring, you should avoid using too much water when cleaning linoleum floors. Vacuuming and dry mop are often enough. Alternatively, a well-twisted / squeezed mop if you need

What should be avoided when caring for linoleum floors?

Too much water, abrasives and detergents with a high pH value should be avoided.

Products for linoleum floors.

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