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Guide: Price Guns.

Here you can learn more about price guns. We have several different models and here you will find information about the different models as well as how to easily change the label roll and color cartridge. Shop price guns at Tingstad.com today!

Models of price guns

Price Guns


Trendy is one of the most popular price guns on the market. Trendy price guns are easy to handle and have an ergonomic rubber grip that makes them comfortable to hold. We have 12 Trendy models with different marking options - one-line, two-line, date, %-print etc.

It’s very easy to change the labels on the Trendy price gun, see guide below.

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Prismärkare METO
Price Guns


METO is a series of price markers that have been on the market since 1959. Their hand price markers have an ergonomic design that makes it easy to quickly change numbers, prices, dates, etc.

Their continuous product development has meant that they have optimized the products so that they meet a high standard when it comes to convenience and versatility. Perfect for users in retail, service and industry.

METO's price tag is available in 13 different models. You will find it here at Tingstad at good prices.

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Prismärkare Jolly
Price Guns


Jolly is a series of high quality price guns from one of the world's largest manufacturers. Jolly price tags are light weight whichj makes them easy to handle and they are comfortable to use thanks to their ergonomic grip. Jolly is a perfect price tag for those who use your price tag frequently.

In our range you will find two Jolly models: one-line (6 characters) and two-line (8 + 6 characters).

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Price Guns


Blitz is a series of high quality price guns. Thay can be used for various purposes and in our range you wil find five models with different pricing applications: one-line, two-line etc. Numbers and characters can be adapted to your needs. The models come with two currency symbols: SEK and Euro and a %-sign to labelling sales prices etc.

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More models


The Monarch / Avery price gun is easy to work with. Monarch's price guns are available in two models - one-line and two-line. These labellers are for number marking only. To the one-line modell you can use 20x11mm labels and for the two-line model you can use 20x26mm labels. 

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Open is a series of price guns that provide efficient and easy price marking for stores and businesses. The price guns have a good grip that fits most hands. It is easy to work with the label and it is easy to change both labels and inko rolls. There are a total of 6 different models with different pricing applications.

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Price labels.

We offer a wide range of labels for price guns. Our price labels are available in several different colors. We have white neutral labels that fit in all businesses and we also have price tags for fluorescent red which attract customers' eyes. We have labels for most price brands on the market such as Trendy, Open, Jolly, Blitz, Meto, Monarch etc.

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Label size guide for price guns

Labels for price guns are available in several different sizes and shapes. Below we will guide you through the most common sizes.

First and foremost, we need to answer a question: How do you know what size of label you need for your price tag?

The easiest way is to check the manual for your price gun. If you do not have the manual you can simply take out a ruler and measure the labels you have in your price gun. The dimensions of the labels on our website are presented according to the format width x height, for example: Price label 26x16mm white G2.

If you have purchased your price gun at Tingstad, you can also easily find the label size under the product description on the price gun you bought.

Below is a compiled list of the most common label sizes:

  • 22x12mm
  • 26x12mm
  • 26x16mm
  • 32x19mm
  • 29x28mm
  • 20x16mm
  • 25x31mm

What does G1, G2, G4 mean when it comes to labels?

When you buy labels for your price gun, there are besides different sizes and colors the addition G1, G2 or G4. What does that mean?

G1, G2 and G4 tell you what adhesive strength the label has. Below you have a small summary of what the different combinations have for properties.

  • G1 = The label has a weak adhesive, and no adhesive on the edges of the label. This makes the label easier to remove.
  • G2 = Means that the label has a more permanent adhesive. The label also has adhesives on the entire back of the label.
  • G4 = G4 labels have an extra strong adhesive.

How to change labels in the price gun trendy


  1. Open the bottom assembly press and slide side cap locks in the direction of the arrow. 
  2. Place the label roll with label backing facing up. Pull out a 20cm strip out of the price gun and close the bottom assembly until it snaps. 
  3. Feed the labels down into the bottom drive assembly near the ”Insert label” text and arrow.
  4. Squeeze the handle to advance the strip of labels through the bottom assembly. 

Within a few cycles, the labeler will align itself to print in the proper area of the label.

How to change the Ink roller on the price gun trendy


1. The Ink roller is located behind the door at the nose of the price gun. Access the ink roller by pulling the ink roller door out and down. 

2. Pinch the two tabs at the ends of the roller, then pull up and out to release the ink roller from its station. 

Dispose the spent ink roller and insert a new roller. 

Replace the ink roller by performing the steps above in reverse. Cloce the front protection plate. 

Never re-ink an ink roller. They are not designed to absorbe ink.

Unfortunately no one is online but you can send us an email to kontakt@tingstad.se!

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