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Guide: Coffee Filter.

Here you will find information about different types of coffee filters and get tips on how you find a coffee filter that fits your coffe maker.

Types of coffee filters

kaffefilter-1-4.jpgFILTER BAGS

In coffee makers for home use, the filter type is called filter bag. The filter bag is V-formed filter. The two most common types of filter bags are called 102 and 1x4.

Filters that are called 1x2, 1x4 or 1x6 all have the same shape and angle. What sets them apart is the height:

  • 1x2 = Height of 100mm
  • 1x4 = Height of 125mm
  • 1x6 = Height of 150mm

Then there are also filters which are called 101 and 102. In comparison with the filters above, 101 and 102 filters have a smaller angle and height.

  • 101 has a height of 95 mm
  • 102 has a height of 115 mm



kaffefilter-urnfilter.jpg​URN FILTERS

In our range you will also find Urn filters. Urn filters are larger coffee filters that often have a U-shaped bottom. Urn filters are often used in larger coffee makers that are used in restaurants, cafes, catering businesses, etc. Urn filters comes in many different sizes adapted to different types of coffee makers available on the market, eg. Bonnamat.

The size of the urn filter is determined by first measuring the outer diameter of the filter and then its bottom diameter. The larger dimension is usually the outer diameter of the filter.

You can also come across something called catering filter. Catering filters are a smaller type of urn filter. The two most common sizes of catering filters are 90/250 mm and 110/250 mm. Coffe Queen Brewmatic often uses catering filters.




It is important that you choose the right size for your machine. If you have the wrong size the filter can fold and ruin the coffee.

You can often find information about which filter type you need in the instructions of the coffee maker or in the filter holder.

If this information is not available, you can start to check two things:

  • Is the filter V or U formed?
  • What dimensions have the bottom, top and height of the filter?

By answering the two questions you can find the right product in our range.



Except color, there is no functional difference between brown and white coffee filters. The only difference between brown and white coffee filters is that white coffee filters are bleached.

Although we often associate brown products with environmental properties, there is no environmental benefit with brown coffee filters. White coffee filters are also made from environmentally friendly materials and most of the coffee filters that are in our range are also eco-labeled with the swan.


Choose the right filter.

It is important that you choose the right size of filter for your machine. The manual or container for the filter can contain information about the name/size of your filter. If this is lacking a good idea is to measure the top, bottom and height of your filter and to study the shape to see if it looks like a V or U.

Brown and white filters have the same function, the only difference is that white filters have been bleached.

The filters in our assortment is of highest quality, they are labelled with Svanen and are produced locally.

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By graining your own coffee beans you can maximize the taste and aroma of your coffee. We offer a large assortment of beans with different tastes. Perfect for a smaller machine as well as a larger one for the big office.

Pre-ground coffee.

With pre-ground coffee you don’t need to spend any time on grinding the beans yourself. It is important to store your coffee properly so tastes and aromas don’t disappear before usage. Perfect for a smaller machine as well as a larger one for the big office.

Coffee pods.

Coffee pods are a simple way of brewing single cups of coffee and is an easy way to keep the machine clean. Perfect for a home office or a smaller office space. In our assortment you find pods from well-known brands and in several different flavours.

Instant coffee.

Instant coffee is a great option if you don’t want to invest in a machine, all you need is some hot water and a spoon. Our instant coffee comes in different flavours and smart refill-packaging.


For the coffee to develop its maximum flavours optimal heat is needed in the brewing-process as well as afterwards when the coffee is kept warm. In our assortment you will find a large range of well-known brands. We offer both traditional coffee machines as well as coffee machines for pods.

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With our coffee grinders you easily grind your beans to the right size, so it fits your taste and machines.

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