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Guide: Mats.

Are you looking for a new carpet? In our range we have several different options of entrance carpets, relief rugs and logo carpets. It is not always easy to know which one fits your business. On this page we go through our various carpets and rugs and give you advantages with each model. You can also solve care instructions and placement suggestions for different types of carpets.


We have since 1982 a wide range of cleaning products, which we continuously have developed. The last couple of years we have developed a comprehensive range of carpets. Our customers are in the restaurant, office, hotel and industry, which means that we have carpets that cover many different needs and uses.

In our range you will find entrance mats for both indoor and outdoor use and logo mats.

Three types of doormats


Scraper Carpet

Scraper carpets are the perfect first carpet at the entrance. The carpet can both collect coarse dirt and is easy to clean.


Combination Carpet

A combination carpet can both scrape off dirt and dry up moisture. A combination carpet is a perfect complement to the scraper carpet in entrances that have room for several carpets.


Drying Carpet

Drying Carpets are highly absorbent carpets that absorb liquid and take care of fine dirt.



What does an optimal doormat solution look like? Several factors that come into play when choosing doormats, e.g., location of the premises, climate, size of entrance, etc. In short, different entrances make different demands on entrance solutions. A grocery store does not have the same needs as a smaller store inside a mall.

But a good starting point when it comes to doormats is to have the following arrangement:

  • A scraper carpet outside the entrance
  • A combination carpet or drying carpet just inside the entrance


The scraper carpet outside the entrance collects coarse dirt and gravel. Choose a scraper carpet with a pattern that allows rainwater and liquids to flow through easily. You will find the following carpets in our assortment suitable for that task: Sani Top, Rubber Tip and Yoga L.

The combination carpet/drying carpets’ primary function is to scrape off the dirt that remains after the scraping carpet and soak up moisture on the shoes. When choosing a drying carpet, it is essential to select a mat with high absorbency. All drying carpets in our range have good absorbency and can handle everything from medium to heavy traffic. In our range, you will find the following mats suitable for that task: Exclusive, Classic and Solett.

This combination of carpets is suitable for larger and smaller shops directly adjacent to street level. A combination carpet is often enough if your premises are indoors, e.g., in a mall. If you have room for two mats, we recommend an amalgamation of a combination carpet and a drying carpet for best possible functionality.



Below we list some excellent questions you should ask yourself before choosing a carpet:

  • Where will the carpet be placed?
  • How big does it need to be?
  • What does the traffic look like? High, medium, or light traffic?
  • How will the carpet be looked after?

You can filter our assortment of doormats to find the carpet that suits your business best.


Shop entrance with entry directly from the street.

Outdoor: Scraper Carpet like Sani Top, Rubber Tip or Yoga L

Indoor: Drying carpet like Exclusive, Classic or Solett.

Mattor för butiksentré inomhus alternativ 1

Shop entrance indoors option 1.

Combination carpet: for example, Standard, Combi Premier Eco or All in One.

Mattor för butiksentré inomhus alternativ 2

Shop entrance indoors option 2.

Combination carpet: for example, Standard, Combi Premier Eco or All in One.

Drying carpet: for example, Exclusive, Classic or Solett.


Custom Logo Mats.

We can help you develop your own entrance mat with your company logo. Want a Quote? Contact us.

Placement of mats

Where should you place your mats? Below you will find examples on where different types of mats should be placed and which mats that fits in the kitchen, reception, bar and entrance etc.


mattor_farg_003d51.jpg A.  Entrance Mat Outdoor Sani Top

mattor_farg_003d51.jpg B.  Entrance Mat Outdoor Rubber Tip

mattor_farg_00adbb.jpg C.  Entrance Mat Indoor Exclusive 

mattor_farg_00adbb.jpg D.  Entrance Mat Indoor Standard


mattor_farg_d39e0a.jpg E.  Ergonomic Mat Soft

mattor_farg_d39e0a.jpg F.   Ergonomic Mat Flex

mattor_farg_e74260.jpg G.  Ergonomic Mat Vlite 

mattor_farg_4497cb.jpg H.  Custom Logo mat



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