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Food Pans.

Food Pans comes in many gastronorm sizes and are very useful in a restaurant kitchen. They can be used for both preparation and presentation of all kinds of food. They can easily be put together to form a great serving solution for buffets, salad stands and delis. Food Pans can be used for serving most types of food. Here you will find food pans with high and low edges. Our food pans come in transparent or black plastic and we also have food pans made in stainless steel. Some of our food pans have lids and other accessories such as bottom grilles. Place your food pan order online for fast delivery and low prices!

Size guide: Gastronorm

Canteens and gastro trays are often indicated by gastronorm sizes. Gastronorm is a global standard for canteens and gastro trays. Gastronorm is based on the outer dimensions of trays in professional kitchens. The basic measurements are 530 x 325 mm and are called GN-1/1. All canteens and gastro trays are measured with this measurements as the starting point.


Below you can see an illustration of Gastronorm sizes. Gastronorm canteens and shapes are made to work together in order to make it easy to create patterns using different sizes. This is very useful in environments like deli counters, salad bars, hotel breakfasts and more.






In our product names, the product's gastronorm dimension is given, for example Canteen Stainless Steel 1/1 65mm. 65 mm in the example indicates the canteen depth in millimeters. If the information is not found in the product name, then you will find it in product information. For more information about each product - click on the image for the product.

In our categories, we have also entered Gastro Size as a filter, so you can easily find a form that you need.



In our range you will find canteens and gastro trays in the following materials:

  • Stainless 18/10
  • Polycarbonate
  • PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate / Plexiglass)
  • Melamine​

Clean and shiny!

Even the best of table settings can be spoiled if the glasses, cutlery or porcelain doesn’t look or feel clean. We offer a concept consisting of both products and services that you can rely on leaves you with clean dishes every time!

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Kitchen knives for professionals.

Tingstad offer knifes from all of the leading brands on the market and for all type of kitchen tasks. We no that excellent knifes is a must in order to create great food.

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Find the right products for your industry, and see what others in similar business buying.

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