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Work from home.

With the corona pandemic, 202 became the year when many went from working at their workplace to working from home. Perhaps this is a change that will last, i.e. that it becomes more common to work from home or to combine home and office work. But there are things that differ when it comes to work from home and in the office. Ergonomics is one such thing and the fact that social contacts are likely to decrease. Make sure you have the right items in place for a good home office.



Stuff for the office at home.

A lot happens today with the help of computers and a lot is saved "in the cloud". But not infrequently, paper and pencil, a physical calendar, notepads, binders and registers and other practical office supplies are still needed.

Erasable pens, binders, calculators, printers and shredders are just some of the practical gadgets that can make your workday at home easier that you will find in our range.


Binders Printers and paper shredders
Get up and about

Small breaks.

When you work from home, you may not get the same natural breaks as in a workplace and you may tend to sit still more. In a workplace, there are usually more steps to both the coffee machine, where you also have a social time with colleagues, and the toilet than it is at home.

Try to take regular breaks to drink water or coffee so the blood circulation in the body gets a boost

Koppar & muggar Kaffe Te
Stay in touch

Remote meetings.

In order for remote meetings to have a more personal touch, it can be a good idea to invest in technology that makes the meeting feel both personal and social, despite the distance. A good pair of headphones or a speaker with a microphone and a webcam, if your computer does not already have one of course, is good to have at home.



Mobile accessories Computer accessories Webbkameror
A daily routine

Walk to and from work.

With a walk before you start the working day, you get the blood circulation going and perk up, at the same time as you signal to yourself that you are on your way to work. When the working day is over, you do the same although opposite and "walk home from work" to indicate that the working day is over. During the walk you will hopefully be able to relieve stress and let go of work thoughts, while you get fresh air and exercise.


Skor Jackor

Gear up - Ha rätt saker hemma!

Good furniture

If you have space in your home and the opportunity, make sure you have good office furniture in your home office as well. A height-adjustable desk where you vary between sitting down or standing up and working is good for the body. An ergonomically designed office chair is also good to invest in.

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The important ergonomics.

Perhaps you have got a Pilates ball that you can sit on from time to time to activate and strengthen the back and abdominal muscles? See our large range of articles of products that activate and strengthen muscles. Products that can also help reduce and prevent work-related injuries.

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Gadgets for a sustainable body.

When you sit still for long periods of time, ergonomic technology gadgets can make a big difference for you and your body. A mouse or mouse trapper relieves in the right places and minimizes the risk of wear and tear such as a mouse arm or tennis elbow.

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