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At large events and festivities, it is important for you as a customer to feel confident that the catering business is running smoothly. In our assortment, you will find the products that work for catering all year round for events, holidays, and invitations with buffets, pick-me-up food, slices, open sandwiches, main courses, tapas, and other goodies.

Produkter för catering i midsommar

What type of catering do you offer?

Catering - Breakfast.

One of the best meals of the day is undeniably the breakfast. Let the catered breakfast be as pleasant for you as the caterer as for the one who enjoys the breakfast.  For a catered breakfast, you need coffee mugs as well as dishes, juice bottles, trays, molds, napkins, and cutlery. Even bags for pre-packaged breakfasts can be a convenient alternative and hand out at events.

Catering - Lunch.

Lunch catering is both a convenient and pleasant way to experience a lunch! For catering during lunchtime, flexible take-away boxes, serving dishes, cup holders and paper plates are products that make the lunch event or meeting lunch a pleasant moment. Both for those who eat and for your catering business

Catering – Snacks.

Mingle with snacks. Is there anything more appreciated? For events with mingling where snacks, slices, and appetizers are to be served, it is easy with large serving dishes that hold many slices. Or why not poop for popcorn or small wooden boats, easy to hold in your hand, with good snacks and with a glass with something to drink in the other hand.

Catering - Desserts and cake.

Some of the tastiest and most grateful to cater? Yes, it's still cake and desserts. The dessert stomach is the stomach that there always seems to be some space left in even if the "food stomach" is full. With us, you will find cake trays and boxes and dessert cups, spoons, and other products that make catering of goodies, cake and desserts go like a dance.

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Steel water bottles.

In the Foodservice category, we have collected several products for serving, packaging, and display of dishes and food, etc. We have products for restaurants, cafes, catering, bakeries, and patisseries, and more.



We offer a wide range of restaurant clothing for different types of businesses. Café, Bakery, or Restaurant - We have the clothes needed! The range consists of everything from chef coats, shirts, and trousers to chef hats, aprons, and shoes.


Spacious bags.

Make sure you have room for everything you need for the workday as well as for an active lifestyle. With good, stylish and stylish bags and bags, you have room for both computer and training clothes and easily transport everything you need to take with you to work, travel and active leisure activities.


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