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Healthy conference.

Time for a kick off? Below we give you tips on how to make the conference more healthy.

Smarta förslag.

More and more companies choose not to serve alcohol and sweets and instead put health and energy in focus when planning a conference, a kick off or a meating. Could this be the way to make the attendants more inspired?

To let guests choose from different packages is common, to add a health-package to your offer sends a signal to your customer that you have adopted the healthy trend and that you can offer several conference packages.

Below you find suggestions of things that your conference can contain of.


There are many actors within this segment, contact someone close to your business and build a coorporation to offer mindfulness at your conference. Many mindfulness practicians combine the mindfulness practice with an inspiring lecture.

Raw balls instead of sugary buns.

Swap the danish pastries to raw balls. They are simple to make and can be stored for quite a long time. The raw trend is still strong and raw fika is often a popular and appreciated thing. Raw fika does not give you the sugar highs that sugary pastries can do.

Fresh air!

To get up and stretch the legs is crucial but often everyone end sup standing by the coffee machine. Make it possible to get outside at short breaks and encourage the participants to take a quick walk before drinking coffee. It will definitely them concentrate through a long afternoon with alot of listening and sitting down.

Gym ticket.

The conference centers with gym can reward those that go to the gym with a voucher. The voucher can then be traded for a free drink. It will guaranteed be appreciated and something the participants will talk about.

Shot - in another way.

Ask the participants to shot! Place ginger shots at each seat and ask the conference host to encourage the participants to shot. Tell the participants about the benefits of ginger and let this be the launch of the conference.

Non alcoholic.

Serve alcohol or not? This is a well considerated question. You probably want the participants to come home alert and full of energy. With that in mind, is it suitable to serve alcohol during the conference? This can be a rather delicate question and it is up to every business to choose what suits them. It is definitely a fördel to offer non alcoholic alternatives and other beverages such as home made lemonade or mocktails.

Feel good at work.

Maybe you have a job where you sit down alot or maybe you spend your working days standing and walking. Whichever you need the right type of ergonomic work tools, hygienic conditions, carpets, clothes, shoes and surroundings to have the ability to be able to feel good at work. 

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Everything for the conference.

Ink and toner, copy paper, pens, notebooks and binders are just some of the products you will find in our assortment of office products. Do not forget to add this to your order together with the rest of your consumables.

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A green and cozy atmosphere.

Create a nice, calm atmosphere with artificial plants. In addition to being a green element, it can also divide rooms. We have a wide range of plants that help you create a greener atmosphere that lasts for a long time without maintenance.

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