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Back Home Inspiration Food trends 2024

Food trends 2024.

When the comunity was closed because of the pandemic, many habits and trends did change for us. We created new habits och routines. We have collected some foodtrends 2024.

What will happen in 2024?

The old becomes the comforting 'new.'


In a troubled world, many people become nostalgic and look back towards more secure times, something that is evident in everything from music choices to food dishes. Everywhere we go, we are taking the nostalgic path and seeing classics like Flygande Jakob, shrimp cocktail, and Glace Au Four make a comeback on Swedish dining tables and menus.

Source: Food & Friends

Reduced alcohol consumption – new beverages.


Alcohol consumption among younger generations is decreasing, and several celebrities, including Bradley Cooper and Anne Hathaway, have publicly stated that they do not drink alcohol. In recent years, there has been an increase in beverages that do not contain alcohol, such as non-alcoholic spirits. A trend is now also observed in beverages that can affect the brain's GABA levels (the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid), which, like alcohol, has inhibitory effects. Among these, examples include Sentia Red, sold in the United Kingdom, and Kava kava, an intoxicating drink made from a pepper plant. Kava kava is prohibited in Europe but is served in some bars in the USA.

Source: Food & Friends

Private labels, campaigns, and chickens. 

When economic conditions are challenging, we tend to cut down on our food expenses and consider the type of food we choose at the grocery store. Something that is trendy now and during 2024 is Own Brands (OB), choosing cheaper alternatives when buying coffee and meat and looking for promotional prices. Also, cultivating one's own food and having one's own egg producers (chickens) in backyard gardens is something that has also increased. 

Source: Food & Friends

What happened in 2021-2023?

Biodiversity on the plate.

There are 250,000 edible plants in the world and of all these we eat only 3% today. Initiatives are being taken to change that and increase the number of products on the market that protect and promote biodiversity. We should and can therefore expect to see new and to us previously unknown plant alternatives.

Economic challenges bring shrinkflation.

Less product for the same cost is something that has received a lot of attention lately and it seems to be continuing. We've seen coffee packets get smaller and the iconic Toblerone chocolate get its fine mountain peaks properly tapered. Even that food is served on smaller plates is said to be something that will become increasingly common.

Restaurant in the living room.

During the pandemic did the restaurants search for new ways to work, it became popular with delivery or take away. This concept will continue in 2022. It is comfortable och convenient for customers and a restaurant can bring in more customers than they have seating. Most ot the delivery-apps as Foodora, Uber eats, Wolt and Bolt. They delevery food from pizza, asian to café. 

Social media decides in the kitchen.

Social media sets the trends. Social media is growing more and more every year, they have a big impact on users, especially in the cooking. A good example is the famous TikTok pasta that went viral in 2021with tomato, feta cheese and pasta, or the TikTok wrap. 
You can find the recipe for the pasta here.
You can find the recipe for the wrap here

Hasselback potatoes and pancakes.

During the pandemic it is many who work from home, have more free-time och can spend more time in the kitchen with the family. According to ICA's report "Matvanor i kris" have the recipe searches increased, the recipe that has the increased the most traffic on the top 20-list is the hasselback potato at 174% and the basic batter for pancakes at 48%. 

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