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Pòke bowls, umami burgers and other trendy take-away food are the best in packaging that gives a trendy urban feel. Brown packaging, natural materials and cool patterns are the signature of our Street Style range. Serve take away-food in a way that gives your cafe, restaurant or food truck a rustic and earthy feel like the city's breathtaking city.

Trends in Street food.

Thanks to the street foods transient nature new trends and consumer demands on flavours and textures can quite quickly be adopted by the street food vendors. We have listed some of the street food scenes trends.

  • Plant based

A clear trend is the increasing interest of vegetarian and vegan food, where an increase of appetizing plant based alternatives is expected.

  • The origin of the food

In a conscious society consumer want to know where the food they eat comes from.

  • Increased sustainability

Street food is characterized by single use-products that results in big amounts of waste. But much can be done and today there are a lot of more sustainable and biodegradable alternatives which means less climate impact.

Pimientos de padron.

Ett gott men väldigt enkelt snack och sidorätt som du lätt fixar hemma är pimientos de padron. Pimientos de padron är en mild chilifrukt som du steker i het olja till dess skinn bubblar och tar färg. Lägg upp, förslagsvis på en palmbladstallrik, strö över flingsalt och servera.


SmartMate by Tingstad®.

SmartMate, smart services for you who handle food. The app helps you keep track of your business with digital temperature control and self-control – for a safe and secure legal compliance. SmartMate is a smart and user-friendly app that helps you minimize the risk of product losses. You can subscribe to one or more services within the app. Completely without binding times. Digital, mobile and efficient!

Paper straws.

A more sustainable alternative, if you want to reduce your use of plastic, are these straws made of paper. The straws in white and brown come in three sizes per color. These straws are the given choice when serving  smoothies, milkshakes, juices and other beverages. 

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Take away products for your business.

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Categories in Street Style

Paper bags.

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Disposable cutlery.

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Food containers.

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Disposable plates.

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Paper cups.


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Paper Bags.


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Wrap Paper.


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Food truck with inspiration from all over the world.

With experience from the restaurant and service business and with inspiration from travels, Giovanna and Jacob started Rollin' Bistros in 2014. Today they have their business in Gothenburg where they have two food trucks and run a lunch café at Lindholmspiren. See the film where Giovanna tells us more about their exciting and creative business.

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Pure Fiber™ by Stora Enso.

In a unique collaboration between Tingstad and Stora Enso, we are launching a completely new series of plastic-free, carbon dioxide-efficient food packaging for take away; PureFiber ™ by Stora Enso.

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Material guides.

It is important for us to help our customers make informed decisions. Therefore, we have developed a material guide to make it easier for you as a customer.

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Many containers contain valuable materials which we through recycling can save both raw materials and energy. Here you can read more on how to recycle different materials.

Unfortunately no one is online but you can send us an email to kontakt@tingstad.se!

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